Hey everyone!

My name is Justin, and simply put, I am just a 23 year old guy from New Jersey who is passionate about traditional country music.

“Pro Country” was originally started as a project during my senior year at Rowan University; and there were no real plans to keep it active when the class ended.

However, I had two stories on my computer: “The Story of ‘I Loved Her First,'” and “Goodnight Sweetheart, The David Kersh Story,” which were both written as school projects, sitting around for only me to see. I thought these stories were so interesting and provided such great insight into both the industry and the careers of two great artists, that other people may be interested in reading them as well!

Soon after, I decided I would give this whole “music journalist” thing a go, and reach out to some great up and coming artists, as well as current and former major label artists, and the results have been overwhelming!

My stories/interviews have been read more than 25,000 times and seen by people on every continent. My work has received praise from artists, fans, and industry people alike. I don’t take any of that for granted, and I look forward to continuing with this site and providing great content, and continuing to fly the flag for traditional country music!


Mark Chesnutt, Joe Diffie, Neal McCoy and I: 2019


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