Chelsey James Taps into Her Country Rocking Roots with New Single “The Men and the Boys” Ahead of Busy Year

It would have been easy to view 2020 as a lost year, and admittedly, Chelsey James did for a time. However, her mindset quickly changed from a year of stagnancy to a year of creation, and in 2021, she'll be seeing the fruits of her labor; with a new single planned for release nearly every... Continue Reading →

Andrew Beam Stays True to his Country Rocking Roots on New Single “You Should See the Other Guy”

Listeners constantly try to pinpoint exactly who Andrew Beam sounds like, and though it's flattering for the North Carolina native, he's perfectly content being and sounding like Andrew Beam. With elements of 90s country, picking skills developed from a bluegrass upbringing and country rocking guitars, Beam taps into various lanes at once, all but assuring... Continue Reading →

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