Wynn Williams: EP Review and Full Interview

As part of my last post, I had a chance to interview Wynn Williams, a 23 year old up-and-coming country artist from Texas. I also had a chance to write a short review of his debut EP, “Words Fly.”

Because of time constraints, what was once an eight minute audio interview had to be trimmed down to under a minute and a half and my review of Williams’ EP had to be brief as well.

Because I have a little more freedom with this post, I would like to expand on both elements of last week’s post. Williams’ interview was too insightful and “Words Fly” is such an intriguing release that I would like to give both the time they deserve.

Below you will find a track by track review of the “Words Fly” EP as well as the full eight minute interview clip conducted with Williams. Once again, I would like to thank Wynn Williams for his help and contributing to Pro Country.

5 Wynn
Image courtesy of Wynn Williams Facebook

Track 1: “Words Fly”: The EP’s title track kicks off the release in a strong way. An acoustically driven mid-tempo song, “Words Fly” goes into how much words can affect the lives of both the person who said the them and those who hear them. Williams delivers the track with great emotion and the background music, while subtle in tone, helps convey the message in the song.

Track 2: “You’ll Write Mine”: Continuing with the acoustic feel of the EP release so far, “You’ll Write Mine” opens with a great fiddle lick before Williams once again begins his calm but strong delivery. With a hint of pedal steel and great lyrics, which compare love to a well-written/well-composed song, the up-tempo track is an interesting concept and is one of the brightest moments on the EP.

Track 3: “The Letter: This song is what country music is missing. A slow tempo, crying pedal steel heartbreak song with excellent lyrics, “The Letter” is far and away the standout on the EP for me.  Once again, Williams’ sincere and emotional delivery of the track (which is based on a true story, see the audio interview below for the story) only adds to the excellence of the track itself. You won’t find a better throwback to the glory days of country music than this.

Track 4: “Taste For Texas”: A total shift from “The Letter,” “Taste For Texas” is a great swing-country song that may be as rare in the country format as the previous track, but in a totally different, refreshing way. The track features great pedal steel and fiddle moments and is a great ‘fun’ moment on the release, possibly made even more effective with the song following the heartbreaking “The Letter.”

Track 5: “What I’m Talkin’ About”: This track is unique in that it is almost a country-rocker while still maintaining the acoustic-driven feel that the EP has carried to this point. With fiddle souring throughout the track and a solid guitar solo, “What I’m Talkin’ About” builds off of the fun that “Taste for Texas” created. Although I’ve said it many times, Williams’ delivery, especially on the opening verse of the song, sets a great tone for the track and adds to what is already a solid effort.

Track 6: “Without You and Me”: Williams’ favorite track on the EP, “Without You and Me,” is an excellent close to an excellent effort. This song is very interesting musically, with a theme of heartbreak but a mid-tempo, almost bluegrass feel. The contradiction between these two elements makes it another one of the standouts on the EP. Once again based on a true story (the same as “The Letter,” see the audio interview below for the details), the emotion in Williams’ delivery allows the EP to end on a great note.

Overall, the “Words Fly” EP is a very strong effort from the young Texan. With great vocal deliveries and interesting musical compositions, there are many different feels to this EP, which takes the listener on a journey from start to finish. I definitely look forward to what the future holds for Williams and hope to hear more music in 2018.

Wynn Williams audio interview:

*Images courtesy of Wynn Williams Facebook page


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