Kristen Foreman Releases Haunting New Single + Music Video, “Blackout”

Kristen Foreman has shed some light on the black-and-white theme of her Instagram account over the past few months.

The Louisiana-born traditionalist released a new single, “Blackout” on October 26. The song is available now for stream/download on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Foreman says the new single, which features a haunting melody behind an edgy lyric, spawned the first time she has ever felt a “magic in the room” co-writing moment.

“I wrote ‘Blackout’ with Scott Wesley and Chris Housman,” says Foreman. “It was our first co-write together. We were throwing out ideas and they mentioned one that they had been wanting to write. The concept was wearing black out while getting blackout. I thought it was super clever and really dug it.”

The song comes from a real place for Foreman, allowing her to open up about a frustrating time in her life.

“It was around this time last year when we had the session, and I had just gone through a really tough heartbreak,” says Foreman. “I was past my sad stage and moved into a pissed off stage at that point, so this was the perfect song to get all of my frustrations out.”

Foreman says that once the song began to take shape, it came together very quickly.

“Scott started playing a cool riff on guitar. I sat there in my own head for a while and then the chorus just sort of poured out of me,” says Foreman. “I added the grieving/funeral twist to it, wrote it down and asked the guys what they thought. They were about it, and the song pretty much wrote itself after that. Chris was the one who came up with the catchy melody.”

The new single is also accompanied by a music video. Released on October 31, the video allowed Foreman to live another personal dream, and allowed her to show a side of herself that fans may not have seen on previous releases.

“Making the music video was a ton of fun. I finally got to low-key live out my acting dreams,” says Foreman. “It was cool to have the opportunity to show the edgy side of my personality. I am quirky and laid back most of the time, but I am an Aries, so when I get mad, I get mad.”

Blackout still
Still image from the “Blackout” music video

Foreman, who released her debut single, “Southern Belle” in 2015 and her debut album, “Feather Tattoo” in 2016, threw a change-up in the recording process, recording the single in Nashville as opposed to Louisiana, where the previous efforts were recorded.

“Recording in Nashville was much different than recording in Louisiana. It was definitely an experience that I needed as my next ‘stepping stone’ in order to grow and learn,” says Foreman. “Originally, I wanted to go back to Louisiana to record, because Nashville can be so overwhelming at times. There are endless studios and producers. It stressed me out just thinking about trying to find the right place, but I realized that I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone.  I walked into Benchmark Sound on Music Row with a giant smile and jitters. The second those studio musicians started recording, I was completely blown away. The amount of talent and skill those guys have is truly incredible.”

Foreman feels that the Nashville recording session, which was finished in a half hour, helped take the song to another level.

“All of the people that were a part of it have been in the industry for years and have worked with a lot of the greats,” says Foreman. “I don’t think it could have come out any better than it did elsewhere. There’s a reason so many people move here to make music.”

Foreman also senses a growth as both an artist and as a songwriter since the release of the “Feather Tattoo” album.

“It’s honestly so crazy to look back and think about how much I’ve grown. It’s easy to feel like I am stuck in one place when looking at it day by day, but then I realize that I’m being super hard on myself when I actually stop and think about where I was just two years ago,” says Foreman. “I have matured a lot since my album, and it is noticeable in my writing and in my voice. I am much more critical on myself, which is good, but also bad. Before, I would just write down whatever popped in my head because I was new to the craft. Now, I am more mindful of what I’m saying and how I want to say it. As an artist, I feel like I am much closer to my brand than I was before, and I have gotten more confident in performing.”

Foreman says that she plans to add the song to a new album when the time is right.

“I don’t think it is the right time in my career to release another full album,” says Foreman. “Hopefully that changes in the near future!”


*Read my first interview with Kristen here.*

*This post will be updated when the “Blackout” music video is released, so be sure to check back!*

*Images courtesy of Kristen Foreman*


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