Shelby Lee Lowe Prepares to Release His Favorite Music to Date

After the release of his debut album, Lewisburg, Tennessee native Shelby Lee Lowe jumped on to the radar of many in the traditional country music community.

With three singles under his belt since his debut album, Lowe is in the studio working on a new project, which he says features some of his favorite songs he’s written.

Here is your chance to catch up with Shelby after his first Pro Country interview, hear about his three newest singles, his cowriting success, details about his new music, and more!


Pro Country: “Lock It Down” features a bit more of a modern country sound than a lot of the songs on your album. Is it at all important for you to showcase that level of artistic versatility in your career and sound at this point in your career?

Shelby Lee Lowe: “Lock It Down” was a really fun song that I wrote with Stephen Mitchell and Holly Ashby. It started out with a cool lick Stephen played on a resonator. Stephen had the idea for the hook, and I loved the story that it told and the moody vibe the song had. So many loved the song after we demoed it that it made sense to release it. The demo we made had a super modern sound and we ended up reeling that back in for the record.

PC: “Love to Live By” is almost the total opposite of “Lock it Down” message-wise. Was that shift intentional, or a natural progression of where you were in your life at those times?

SLL: “Love to Live By” is a fun song and I enjoyed writing it, but it’s honestly not what I would consider my style of country song, and it probably doesn’t fit who I am as an artist. A lot of my fans love that song and enjoy listening to it, so I am grateful for that. I was still figuring out my sound, and that was a moment where circumstances pushed me to try something different.

PC: “All We Need” has gotten off to a great start. Can you talk about the inspiration behind that song?

SLL: “All We Need” was another fun song that started out with a track. I wrote this song with Ben Whisler and Zane Fisher. The song is about appreciating what you have and enjoying the ride of life! I think it’s one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever written, and it’s a good bridge between modern mainstream country and the traditional country I love to write.

PC: Your last three singles have achieved some of the greatest success you’ve had so far on Spotify. What kind of validation is it to see your streaming numbers grow with each new release?

SLL: A lot of people worked hard to promote my last three singles, and it’s nice to see an improvement. I’m always trying to beat the last thing I did.


PC: You have said that you are writing with producer Andrew Scott Wills for a new project. What can your fans expect to hear from the new project?

SLL: Andy is one of my favorite people in town, and he has similar taste to me when it comes to music and songwriting. We are currently in the studio with some of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. Every song is a song that I would want to listen to if I heard it on the radio, and it was important for me to get back to making music that I loved. These are undeniably country songs, but they are different than anything I’ve recorded so far. I think my fans will see just how passionate I am about these songs, and hopefully that will translate to them.


PC: You were a co-writer on Dustin Olson’s newest single “Memories We Didn’t Make.” On top of your own artistry, how important has it been for you to be active in the songwriting circles in Nashville?

SLL: Dustin is a really good friend of mine, and a really hard working artist and writer. It’s always a great feeling to have anyone record a song that you wrote. Last year, I was lucky enough to have that happen several times, and hopefully there’s many more cuts to come!

PC: Where do you think you’ve grown the most since the release of your first album?

SLL: Since I recorded my first album, I have played hundreds of shows and written hundreds of songs. I have had some awesome achievements, and I have experienced complete failure. I have lived a lot of life and I have matured from it, which I like to think shows up in my shows and in my songs.


PC: What are your plans for the rest of 2019?

SLL: I have shows booked throughout the rest of the year all over the country, and I’ll have new merchandise to sell at them. I’ll be finishing up my project with Andy soon, and you’ll have to watch and see what happens!


PC: Additional comments:

SLL: Thanks for having me Justin! It’s great to have an outlet like Pro Country to showcase country singers like myself.


*All images courtesy of Shelby Lee Lowe Facebook Page*


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