Addison Johnson Continues to Ride His Hot Hand with New Single “Old No. 7” [First Listen]

Addison Johnson is doing everything possible to make 2019 his year, and so far, so good for the North Carolina native.

After releasing the excellent Cherokee Blues album in February, Johnson is wasting no time and continuing to ride his hot hand with his newest single, “Old No. 7” set for release on August 14.

“Old No. 7” kicks off with a strong fiddle lick paired with a steel guitar line that doesn’t fall far from George Strait’s swinging tunes of the 1980s.

One thing that Johnson does so well is inject humor into his lyrics, especially in his songs that deal with love lost (see “Bonfire” and “Turntable Blues” from Cherokee Blues for proof). “Old No. 7” continues that signature style. The song opens with the lyrics “Pourin’ doubles on your troubles ain’t no way for a man to behave, yeah my liver’s been payin’ for what my heart can’t take,” and the scene is immediately set.

The acoustic-driven, steel and fiddle riding song sways into a chorus that describes how alcohol builds confidence in the moment, but will be a narrator’s ultimate demise after all is said and done. Ernest Tubb and jukebox references give the tune an even deeper throwback feel, and Johnson’s delivery is spot on throughout.

One of the brightest spots of this song is the strong production; each instrument has its moment, but none are drowning out the other, and Johnson doesn’t miss a beat while pairing his vocal with all of them.

Addison Johnson’s “Old No. 7” is a perfect match for listeners yearning for the sounds and themes of yesteryears, and provides great continuity after Cherokee Blues. With still a quarter of the year to go, Johnson is on a roll, and there seems to be no slowing him down.


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