Shelby Ballenger Releases Two-Stepping Single “Heartbreaks and Hangovers”

Three years after releasing her debut EP, Princeton, Texas native Shelby Ballenger is back in a big way with her newest single, “Heartbreaks and Hangovers.”

The new single, a two-stepping tune loaded with fiddle and twanging guitars, is a changeup for Ballenger, as she covers different ground than on her EP.

“I wrote this song so that I could have a good two stepping tune,” says Ballenger. “Most of my songs are written for outlets in bad relationships. This song is more of an upbeat style. When I first started writing, I said it’d be fun to have a song called “Heartbreaks and Hangovers,” and six years later, I finally have it written!”

With the release of “Heartbreaks and Hangovers,” Ballenger is now able to check a big item off of her list of goals.

“I had the song produced and re-mastered by Fort Worth Sound,” says Ballenger. “It’s been my goal for 2 years to record with Bart Rose, and now that I have, I can’t wait to go back and have more songs produced by him!”


While her debut EP featured a more acoustic feel, “Heartbreaks and Hangovers” showcases a fuller, more rich sound, something that was important for Ballenger with the new release.

“I wanted a full band, in your face sound with this single!” says Ballenger. “You’ll hear a lot of that throughout my entire next album. I want to put myself at the caliber of musicians I’ve been listening to throughout the years. The goal is to make my way into the Texas country music scene and take off.”

In the three years since the release of her debut EP, Ballenger senses growth that will allow her to make her mark on the Texas country scene.

“I think I’ve grown most in my stage presence and vocal control. I used to be extremely timid to talk to fans, and now it’s just second nature,” says Ballenger. “I’ve been able to network so much more, and have met a lot of interesting people through conversations with listeners at my shows! As for my voice, you can hear a difference in this song compared to my very first EP. I’ve been playing shows every weekend for three years now. Sometimes twice a week, sometimes five times a week! With that, my voice has developed and changed so much!”

Ballenger will spend the rest of the year promoting the new single, and readying herself for the challenges that taking the next step in her career will bring.

“The rest of 2019 will be spent pushing my single to radio. It will be my first run in the radio side of things and I’m extremely excited!” says Ballenger. “I can’t wait to jam to my own song in the car. I will also continue to write. I take pride in knowing I write all of the songs that I record. I’ve worked hard up to this point, and I know it’s going to get even harder. I’m up for the challenge!”


*Images by Thunderbridge Photography*




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