Grayson Michael Looks to Build Off on 2019’s Success with New Single “Saturday Night”

Grayson Michael is set to close 2019 on a high note.

Five months removed from releasing his single “Runaway,” Grayson is back with his new single “Saturday Night.”

The new single, which was originally released by Wade Bowen in 2011, has been on Grayson’s mind for some time, and his interpretation is coming to fruition with his release of the song.

“I’ve always been a fan of Wade’s music over the years. I married a Texan, and she likes to play a lot of artists that are from Texas. One day she played ‘Saturday Night’ and the song really hit me differently than it had before. I kept it in my mind that one day I’d like to do my own interpretation of that song, so that’s what I did!” says Grayson. “I love when artists take a song that another artist wrote and released, and they completely transform it into a different sound. It’s always neat to see what someone envisions come to life!”

The song was given another layer of life by Nashville’s A-list players, an element that is new to Grayson’s music.

“There’s a reason that the A-list sessions guys are the A-list session guys. They take what I say I want from the song, and run with that,” says Grayson. “The creativity in Nashville is absolutely unreal. It’s very inspiring to have the opportunity to play alongside these guys.”


Like with “Runaway,” Grayson served as producer on “Saturday Night,” something he feels allows him to stand out as an artist.

“Serving as producer on all the songs I release is very important to my sound. I’m a big advocate of artists being hands on and being able to create their sound. That’s what makes an artist and artist,” says Grayson. “Producing my music is what gives me my ‘sauce’. It’s what makes me different. I am able to make a song exactly the way that I want it to be.”

Coming off the heels of “Runaway,” which has earned nearly 20,000 streams since its release, Grayson says he is happy with how well his previous single was received, all the while hoping to build on his artistry with “Saturday Night.”

“It make me happy to know people were connecting with the song and listening to it. I am excited to build off the traction of ‘Runaway’ into future releases,” says Grayson. “I always want to continue to build off each release into the next. But, each song is different and tells a different story. You never know why a song will connect with someone, and that is the beauty of music.”

And while he is looking to close out 2019 strong, Grayson says that 2020 is set to be another great year, both in the studio and on the road.

“We’ve got some more songs headed your way this year, heading into 2020,” says Grayson. “I’m currently getting ready to get back in the studio again to work on some new songs. We are also working on booking for next year too.”


*Images courtesy of Grayson Michael*

*Read our first interview with Grayson here*


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