Tim Allen Releases Powerful New Single “Two Silver Stars” to Benefit Operation Song

In honor of Veterans Day, Tim Allen has released a new single, “Two Silver Stars,” which tells the story of how one particular veteran made a major impact on his life, and encourages appreciation for the sacrifice that those who have served or are currently serving make on a daily basis.

“Two Silver Stars” will benefit Operation Song, which has also received great support from artists like Jake Owen and Ward Davis. Read along to hear all about “Two Silver Stars,” the impact Allen hopes it has one listeners, what drew him to Operation Song, and how he plans to follow this single in 2020!

Pro Country: “Two Silver Stars” comes just over a year after the release of your debut EP Lifetime on the Road. What has the continued response to that EP meant to you, and what has the last year of your music career been like for you?

Tim Allen: The Lifetime On The Road EP has been very good to me. People have been very supportive since it came out and I have had the privilege of having some pretty cool doors open because of it. I have been a part of a few shows with artists I respect, traveled to 14 different states, and have played a ton of shows. I’ve met so many people and been to so many cool spots, and it’s crazy to me that this is now my job. The response from people about the songs off the EP has been nothing but complimentary. I live in mid-Missouri, and have had people reach out to me that are 14 hours from here, because they somehow heard something of mine or saw a video somewhere, and they want me to come play in their area. I never thought I would say something like that four or five years ago when I was just going out around here locally playing just for fun and because it was something I loved doing. It’s all crazy and I am so grateful.


PC: “Two Silver Stars” talks about a Vietnam vet that was in your life since you were a kid. Can you talk about what he has meant to you in your life and what drew you to pay tribute to him with the song?

TA: This single was written about a guy named Boyd Croft that I knew since I was a kid; he was a family friend. He had a construction company, and he gave me my first job when I was about 13 years old. It was roofing and siding, but I was on cleanup for the most part. He would come and pick me up after school, and I would ride with him to the jobsite and he’d drive me back home after we were done, till I was old enough to drive myself a few years later. He would always have quick stories or make all kinds of references of “Back in the War” and Texas, and all kinds of jokes, all the time.  He was one of the hardest working guys out there. We built a log home out here in Missouri back in 2012 and flew him out to help with that; needless to say he had a whole new group of guys to tell stories to, and there were a ton of memories from working with him years prior that came flooding back. That was 7 years ago, and there are still people in our town that talk to me about his two weeks that he was here. He definitely left a lasting impression on people. He had all those stories from the war he served two tours in, he also influenced me as a kid musically by introducing me to guys like Johnny Horton, Merle Haggard, and George Jones. He was out visiting before he passed away in mid-2014 and I played him a Haggard song sitting on the couch, and he was one that told me I need to take this a little more seriously. I’ve wanted to write something about him for a while, and one morning it just came out. I had to tweak a few small things lyrically, and I need to credit my friend Clint who had suggested a couple words to change, but it’s pretty close to the way I wrote it originally. I think he would be happy with the song itself, but I know 100% he would be happy about proceeds going to a charity that helps veterans.


PC: “Two Silver Stars” will benefit Operation Song. What is it about that organization that drew you to want to help and donate?

TA: I first heard about Operation Song from Ward Davis working with them. There are some social media groups that were really pushing them and I looked into it and heard stories from other people about it. I think it’s great what they do, and such a cool way to help veterans, and it just seemed to fit. If this song I wrote can give them just a little more support, then I want to do anything I can. You can go to http://www.operationsong.org and get all their info there, read about them, and you can donate directly to their PayPal.


PC: What do you hope listeners take away after listening to “Two Silver Stars”?

TA: Just to celebrate our Veterans and what they have done to provide us all the freedoms that we are fortunate to have. I saw in one man how war affected him, and how that war never left him. They deal with it mentally and physically every day, and they will for the rest of their lives.  I hope people can see the good charities like Operation Song are doing and support them. To download the song is $0.99; I don’t know what else there is that you can get for that price that is going to help a good cause like this.


PC: What are your plans for the rest of 2019 and going in to 2020?

TA: 2020 is going to build off of this year. I will definitely keep doing the live solo acoustic shows, but am looking to do more band shows. That isn’t exactly an easy feat due to everyone’s schedules, but we are going to do the best we can. I’m always trying out new music at the live shows, so you never know what you might get. Maybe we will take some of these and try and cut them later in the year, but I’m not trying to rush that at all. Anything new, like merch and dates and other info, you can find on my social media and the website. I also try to put everything out there to my email subscribers first, you can sign up on the homepage of the website.


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