Pro Country’s Top 10 Songs of 2019

All things considered, 2019 was a pretty great year for country music. There was so much great music released, both in the independent world and even the mainstream world.

Making this list and narrowing down 10 songs was pretty difficult, but we think you’ll really dig these songs, listed in no particular order below! Give them all a listen and let us know what you think in the comments or on our social media!

Taylor Dee- “Laying Down the Law”

The thing that stands out about this song is the incredible vocal from Dee, which climaxes with the absurd note that she hits and sustains at the end of the final chorus. The first time we heard it, we literally looked like the emoji with the eyes wide open.

Donice Morace- “Saddle Up”

At its best, country music is all about storytelling and performance, two things that are perfectly captured on “Saddle Up.” This has been our favorite song on Long Live the Cowboy since it came out, which says a lot considering how much we love this album!

Korey Rose- “The Day Keith Whitley Died” (featuring Tim Culpepper)

This one will knock you off of your feet. The wordplay throughout and the way Rose and Culpepper deliver the lyric are unbelievable. It’s country to the core and a perfect tribute to one of the best there ever was.

Sunny Leigh Shipley- “Betty Jo”

Every time we listen through Sunny’s album Out of the Sky, we find ourselves finding a new level of appreciation for a new song on the album. However, “Betty Jo” is one that we keep going back to. The details the Shipley delivers in the emotional lyrics of the song add a touching new level to the song, and though personal to Shipley, can still relate to anyone who has experienced loss.

Jamie Baxter- “Neon Grave”

Jamie Baxter stood up for traditional country music in a big way with this song. With big, souring vocals, Baxter proudly flies the flag for traditional country music here.

Kyle Daigle- “Cold Beer in Heaven”

When we heard an acoustic performance of this song, we instantly knew it was special. Soon after, Daigle released the full recording, and went on to earn over 100,000 views on the music video in just a few days after the release, proving that a great song will always find its way to the people that need to hear it.

Triston Marez- “That Was All Me”

2019 was a huge year for Triston Marez, and it began with the release of his That Was All Me EP. The fiddle lick that runs through this song is so infectious, and the song is ridiculously catchy.

Callie McCullough- “Five Dollar Pearls”

The first time we heard this song, we probably listed five times in a row. The personal lyric is matched by an even more personal delivery, and the instrumentation and build of this song are masterful.

Sydney Adams- “Bringing Her Memory Home”

You only need to hear about two seconds of this song to know you’re about to be hit with song hardcore country music. The 60s/70s sounding instrumentation is mixed with Adams’ strong performance of a great lyric. Who doesn’t love a good cheating song?

Kyle Daniel- “God Bless America (Damn Rock ‘n Roll)

This song is a bit different from the rest sonically, but lyrically, is one of the standouts on the list. The way in which the lyric flows is excellent, and the chorus is masterfully done. Daniel matches the lyric with a powerful, raspy vocal, which gives makes the song sound like a mixture between The Eagles and John Mellencamp, which is a huge compliment.


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