Kimra Releases Personal New EP “This Is Me”

The last time we talked with Kimra, she had just released her last EP Songs For You, and spoke about the joy she found in writing songs that told the stories of others.

With the release of her new EP This Is Me at the beginning of 2020, Kimra has drawn from personal experiences to comprise her EP, and has honed in on the country-rocking sound that she hopes to make a staple in her music.

Read along as Kimra discusses the writing process of This Is Me, the inspiration behind some of the songs on the EP, what she hopes listeners take away from it, her plans for 2020 and more!


Pro Country: What was the significance of naming your new EP This Is Me?

Kimra: This is the first EP that I’ve written each song for myself, about me & for me. Most of the songs I’ve released have been about other people & their stories, which is normally what I love writing about, but this time I wanted to do something a little different. My last EP was titled Songs For You because those were songs for my fans, and this time, I thought it would be cool to write for ME. 🙂


PC: Many of the songs on This Is Me double down on the country-rock sound that was prominent on your last EP Songs For You. Is that a sound you have honed in on and is a major part of your artistic identity?

Kimra: I really like the idea of rock-country and it being a part of my sound. I think it’s important for my music to stand out and sound unique. When I first started this journey, I didn’t really know what I wanted or what I wanted anything to sound like, but I feel like my songwriting has improved and I’ve had enough experiences over the years to know what I like and don’t like now. I want people to get excited about my music and know that it’s a “Kimra song” when it comes on.


PC: “Can This Be” is one of our favorite songs on This Is Me, and details finding love. Can you talk about the inspiration behind that song?

Kimra: “Can This Be” is one of my faves for sure. “Fall,” “Can This Be” and “Don’t Waste Time” are actually all about my wonderful hubby of 15 years! Our love story is kind of its own Romeo and Juliet tale, and when I met him, I just couldn’t believe that he was interested in me. I kept asking myself “Is this guy sure he likes ME?” [laughs]. To be in a place in your life where you have self-doubt, where you aren’t confident & you don’t feel valued, it’s life changing when someone comes along and makes you feel good about all of those things. My husband really did change my life for the better, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him, so he was definitely the inspiration for this song and I LOVE how it turned out.


PC: Sonically, “Don’t Waste Time” is a bit of a changeup from the rest of This Is Me, as it features a more bluesy, traditional melody. Was it at all important for you to showcase that versatility in your sound on this project?

Kimra: “Don’t Waste Time” is definitely the more waltzy, slow song on this EP, but I can’t think of singing or hearing this song any other way. I mean, it’s a song about making love for the first time, so I feel like it’s always had its own sexy, sultry sound to it.


PC: Do you have a favorite song on This Is Me? If so, why is it so special to you?

Kimra: “Not Drinkin’” is probably my fave on this EP. It was the first one I wrote for this EP. I’ve written a lot of songs about enjoying drinking, but we all know sometimes it has its negative effects. I’ve been raised around different types of addiction; people who rely on certain things to get through difficult times or abuse it to the point where it affects them and others around them in such a bad way. I just think this was a unique take on a bad situation and being able to come out happy at the end.


PC: What do you hope listeners take away from This Is Me after listening all the way through?

Kimra: My hope is always that the listeners just enjoy the songs, that they feel the lyrics and can appreciate the uniqueness of the music. For other songwriters and artists listening, I hope that they stay true to their sound, true to their heart & to their music. If we all sounded alike, this world would be a boring place.


PC: Along with promoting This Is Me, what are your plans for 2020?

Kimra: Plans for 2020 –

  • Recording a new music video for one of my songs on “This Is Me”
  • Hoping to expand the band
  • Booking more shows across the US
  • Meeting and making more amazing fans
  • Collaborating shows with more talented bands


PC: Is there anything you would like to add?


  • New EP “This Is Me” Available everywhere!
  • Check out my newest music video for “The Good Life” from my last EP “Songs For You”
  • I want to say thank you to all of our fans who have supported our music over the years. I also want to say thank you to my band for sticking by me and for being the best friends a gal could have. Thank you to all the bands and venues that we were lucky enough to share our music and stages with. And thank you to Yellow Hammer Studios and Winter Records in Nashville for helping me through this musical journey. My band and I look forward to the future and creating more music for you wonderful people!
  • Visit my website!


*Images courtesy of Kimra and Kimra Facebook page*



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