Kyle Daigle Continues to Raise the Bar with New Single “I’ve Got Everything”

2019 ended on quite a high note for Kyle Daigle. The Louisiana native released the emotional single “Cold Beer in Heaven” in December, which has since amassed over 200,000 views on Facebook and nearly 100,000 more streams on Spotify.

Looking to keep his momentum rolling, Daigle is following “Cold Beer in Heaven” with an equally personal, emotional single called “I’ve Got Everything,” a tribute to his wife, Courtney.


As last decade came to a close, Daigle was seeing the numbers of “Cold Beer in Heaven” skyrocketing, something he didn’t take for granted given the song’s subject matter.

“Any time that many people can be touched by one of my songs is a very special feeling that I don’t take for granted. That song was very special to me because I wrote it about one of my best friends who is no longer with me,” says Daigle. “It feels amazing to know that the song will live on forever and pay tribute to him.”

With that success though came an element of pressure to match or surpass it with the following single. With a song like “I’ve Got Everything” that is so personal to him, Daigle admits to having high hopes for the song.

“I definitely do feel a certain level of pressure. As a singer/songwriter, I look at all my songs as my children, and I want them to go out into the world and do great things!” says Daigle. “I do think that ‘Cold Beer In Heaven’ set the bar REALLY high, but I have faith that people will gravitate to my new release as well. All I can do is put it out there and let the fans do what they do.”

Daigle says he drew inspiration for his new single from the fulfillment he feels from the love of his wife, Courtney. Although the song is personal to him, Daigle feels as though listeners will be able to insert themselves into the song’s story.

“Everyone in life is searching for something, whether it be fame, fortune, a new house, a fancy car or some sort of success. At the end of the day, I feel nothing can satisfy you like true love. In the song, I tell the story of the things I’m personally searching for in the music business, but at the end of the day, none of that matters as long as I have the love of my wife, Courtney,” says Daigle. “I think the song can translate in different ways to different people, although it comes off as a ‘wedding song’ at first listen. It’s about finding that special someone or celebrating the fact that you have found them already.”


With the release of “I’ve Got Everything” on April 14th, Kyle and Courtney now have the song and accompanying music video as a memento as they continue to do life together.

“It’s an amazing thing to document life’s journey in song. We love the fact that we will always have this song to listen to and a music video to watch through the years,” says Daigle. “The day after the wedding, we left for a short getaway to go to the studio and record it in Georgia. She was able to sit through the recording process, and it made for an even more memorable experience.”

While the first quarter of 2020 has thrown a wrench into the plans of many artists, Daigle says he plans to bring his new single to as many people as possible as he continues to work on his sophomore album.

“I plan to push my new song to as many folks as I can and continue to write and record as many songs as I can,” says Daigle. “I have a goal to have my second album completed and ready for retail by the end of this year. I have some amazing songs that I’ve been holding on to for the second album, and I can’t wait to release them.”

Additional note from Kyle: “I hope my fans continue to support me through this process. In closing, I want to thank everyone that has been by my side through the years. I hope I can continue to bring new music to everyone for many of years to come. Please head over to my socials and give them a like. Don’t forget to stream or purchase my music, which is available on all digital platforms, such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube and more!”

*Images courtesy of Kyle Daigle Facebook Page*


2 thoughts on “Kyle Daigle Continues to Raise the Bar with New Single “I’ve Got Everything”

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  1. Kyle I can’t say enough of how proud you have made all of us in Louisiana. Your music style, your songs and the words you express makes you the person you are and your success! Truly down to earth and proud of your roots.
    Stay true to yourself don’t ever change always giving your all !
    I know your wife, your son, Mom, Dad and Grandma Patsy can never be more proud including your heavenly loved ones! I’m in New Hampshire trying like heck to spread your wonderful music in New England !!
    Can’t wait move back home to be closer to your music and family
    Love you always


  2. I am so proud of my son and feel he will go far in life and his music. Kyle is as genuine as his songs. He is a great son, father and now loving husband. Thanks to Courtney his wife who has instilled to him what true love is❤❤


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