Ashton Dupré Pays Homage to a “Sad Ol’ Song” with New Single

With the release of his last three singles, Louisiana native Ashton Dupré has continued to raise the bar with his music. After making the big splash of landing his debut EP at number 16 on the iTunes country albums chart, Dupré is looking to keep momentum rolling with his new single, “Sad Ol’ Song.”

Dupré says that success was with him in the studio, as it motivated him to step his game up even further with his new single.

“My EP exceeded all of my expectations and then some,” says Dupré. “Reaching number 16 was a very surreal moment for me. It was honestly mind blowing, but it pushed me harder to keep working and to work harder.”

Though he exceeded his initial expectations with his EP, the success he found also carried a pressure to surpass it with his next release.

“There’s definitely pressure to do better than your last,” says Dupré. “I always want to grow and progress, but I am appreciative of every song and its successes; big or small.”

With his new single, Dupré pays tribute to his love of George Jones, with accompanying steel and twanging guitars that explode through the speakers.

“This song was inspired by the countless miles spent on Red Roberts Road and my love for country music legend, Mr. George Jones,” says Dupré.


As he has continued to reach new thresholds with his music, he remains grateful to his fans and supporters for each of his achievements thus far.

“The support of my fan base has made all of this possible. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have achieved much of anything musically,” says Dupré. “I am extremely grateful for the support from everyone, especially my hometown.”

As 2020 has thrown a wrench into the plans of many artists, Dupré plans to release more new music this year as he has his band anxiously await their opportunity to bring his songs on the road again.

“Never in my lifetime did I think we would face anything like this, so we are all trying to make the best of the cards we’ve been dealt,” says Dupré. “Moving forward in 2020, I’d like to release a couple more original songs and hit the ground running when we get the okay. My band and I are jonesing to get back on stage. We want to be busier than ever.”

Additional note from Ashton Dupré: “I’ve been a paramedic for 11 years now, so I’ve been on a lot of the front lines during COVID19. I just want to say I hope everyone is staying safe, staying healthy, and more importantly, staying home. We can’t wait to get back on stage. See y’all down the road.”


*Images courtesy of Ashton Dupré Facebook page*



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