Jessica Lynne Set to Release Rocking New Single “Crazy On The Outside” [Premiere]

If you like loud guitars, powerhouse vocals layered in steel guitar, Jessica Lynne has the song for you!

Her new single, “Crazy On The Outside,” premiering on Pro Country, will officially release tomorrow, May 9th, as Lynne looks to follow up the success of her album Warning Label, released in June of 2019.

Lynne says that though her new single came together quickly, she knew it was something special upon its completion.

“’Crazy On The Outside’ was written in an afternoon. I was driving to a gig and heard the song come together in my mind,” says Lynne. “By the time I reached the venue, I was able to play the song for the crowd that night. I immediately knew I had created something special.”

As we go through life, most of us may have stumbled upon people who keep their “crazy” better hidden than others, which Lynne says was the inspiration for “Crazy On The Outside.”

“I think we all know the people who seem normal when you first meet them, and then they show their ‘crazy,’” says Lynne. “That’s what this song is about.”

Though 2020 has thrown the plans of many artists out the window so far, Lynne is hopeful that she will be able to take her music on the road again in the summer, and in the meantime, is committed to staying in touch with her fans on social media.

“We still have plans to play a lot of fairs later in the summer, but during the lockdown, I have been going online a bunch,” says Lynne. “I have been doing a weekly ‘Caffeine & Country’ on Saturdays from my Facebook, YouTube and Instagram page, and I do a ‘Honky Tonk Happy Hour’ on Thursdays for my fan club, but I have also taken over a lot of other pages to play music and connect with new fans. I will be streaming a full band live show on May 9th celebrating the release of ‘Crazy On The Outside!’”


*Caffeine & Country Facebook/Instagram/YouTube Live-stream every Saturday at 11 AM PST / 1 PM CST / 2 PM EST on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

*Virtual Single Release Live-Stream VIP Tickets here

*Jessica Lynne’s Upcoming Live-streams:

  • Sunday, May 24th: Jessica Lynne will be joining SW20 for a Virtual Spring Music Festival live stream on Facebook.
  • Time zones: 10 PM UK Time l 2 PM PST l 4 PM CST l 5 PM EST.
  • Link to join:

*Spotify Pre-Save Link for “Crazy On The Outside”

*Be sure to also follow Jessica on Twitter and visit her website!



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