Graycie York Tells the Story of Love Not Made to Last in the Beautifully Heartbreaking Single “Forever”

Over the course of three months, Graycie York has gone from relatively unknown to one of the rising stars in Texas. Her debut single, “Patsy Kind of Night,” released in March, is quickly approaching 50,000 streams on Spotify, landed her on the charts in Texas, and possibly most importantly, endeared her to country music fans searching for the next young traditional-inspired star.

That response has humbled York and well-exceeded her expectations.

“The response I’ve received from ‘Patsy Kind Of Night’ has been amazing,” says York. “I honestly didn’t think it would do as well as it’s been doing. I had hoped it would, but it’s definitely surpassed what I expected, and I am forever grateful for that!”

Three months to the day after “Patsy Kind of Night” was released, York is back with her sophomore single “Forever,” a song featuring ample steel, a smooth vocal and a tale of love lost. As the time to release “Forever” approached, York admits to feeling some pressure to match the success of her debut, but that she feels her new single is able to touch more people because of its subject matter.

“I think there’s always gonna be a pressure when releasing music as an artist, just because you want people to like it or relate to it. At the same time, I think more people relate to ‘Forever’ than’ Patsy Kind of Night’ because so many people have gone through a relationship they thought would last forever, but it didn’t,” says York. “I think there is that pressure, but I’m also just excited and grateful to be able to put another song out!”


Though the song doesn’t come from personal experience, York says she drew inspiration from the stories of those around her, which adds a new layer to the relatability of the song.

“The inspiration for ‘Forever’ came from all of the stories I had heard from friends or family members talking about relationships they though were going to last, but didn’t,” says York. “It’s not much of a story from personal experience, it’s more from what others have told me!”

“Forever” also serves as the second glimpse into York’s forthcoming debut EP. York harkens back to the song’s subject matter for making it the second single, and also says that it is a good representation of what listeners should expect on her EP.

“I knew I wanted to put it out because it is so relatable for so many people;  putting it out just felt right,” says York. “It shows what’s to come on the EP: a mix of heartbreak with a rock feel to the songs!”

2020 has been an adjustment for artists so far, but York is taking everything in stride and keeping a positive mindset as she looks to finish her EP and get back on the stage when the time is right.

“My plans for the rest of the year are to book as many shows as possible, finish my EP and hopefully have that out by the end of this year!” says York. “It has definitely been a crazy year so far, but the positive about everything has been that I’ve been able to write more songs, so even though 2020 has had a lot of negatives, I think it’s important to look at the postives, even if they’re small! “

“Forever” has us chomping at the bit for her EP. If you’re not on the Graycie York bandwagon yet, now is a perfect time to jump on. “Forever” is a hit, plain and simple.


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