Adam Sanders Releases New 90s Infused, Tongue Twisting Single “Drink Drank Drunk”

In the seriousness that has been 2020, a dash of lightheartedness is always welcome. This week, that dash comes courtesy of Adam Sanders with his new single “Drink Drank Drunk.”

Marrying a chorus that would’ve felt at home in the 90s with verses made for mainstream success, Sanders offers a modern perspective on the music that shaped him on his new single.

“My 90s country roots run very deep,” says Sanders. “It’s the music I grew up on, but I’m also an artist in today’s time, so I want to make sure that my music represents my roots and where I came from, but still be able to fit in the genre today.”

Doing just that, “Drink Drank Drunk” delivers a chorus that begs a sing-a-long and is made for the stage, and features tongue-twisting lyrics akin to the verses of “Ain’t Goin’ Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up).” 

Sanders says that the song’s journey began as merely a title that popped into his head, and later, just the aforementioned tongue-twister that opens the chorus. When the right writing session and partners came along, Sanders said it was almost a race to finish the song. 

“I was walking around my house one day several months before we recorded it, and I just wrote the title down. I had no idea what those three words were going to mean, and I just kept it in my phone. A couple months later, I was cooking breakfast in my house, and I just said, ‘I had a drink that I drank, when I drank that drink, that drink I drank made me drunk.’ I had no idea what it was at the time, but I knew it was really cool,” says Sanders. “I threw the song out a couple times in some co-writes, usually when we had already gone through what we thought were ‘good ideas,’ but nobody really bit on it until I was writing with Jordan Rager, Tyler Chambers and Jacob Rice. We were grinding for about two and a half hours on an idea that we purposefully got together for, and it just wasn’t coming to fruition like we wanted it to. I changed the pace by telling them that line, and Jordan started singing the first verse. It was really a race to get the whole thing written down, because we finished it in about 45 minutes. It pretty much fell out in the room.”

“Drink Drank Drunk” also serves as a change of pace for Sanders, whose last single, “Make Em Wanna Change,” offered a more serious perspective of a man wanting to change for a woman. Sensing the need to lighten 2020’s mood, Sanders felt “Drink Drank Drunk” was the perfect follow up.

“This year has been so crazy; there’s so much negativity and heaviness in our world right now. ‘Make Em Wanna Change’ is a serious song, so to follow that, we wanted to come in with something super fun, easy and light-hearted that gives everyone a minute to not think about the real world,” says Sanders. “I’m really excited, because I’ve coined this as ‘the sobriety test of songs,’ because it’s such a tongue-twister. I look forward to watching people try to sing it. I think once fans figure out how to do it, it’ll be such a nursery rhyme thing that they won’t be able to get out of their heads.”

With “Drink Drank Drunk,” Sanders hopes to keep the momentum of “Make Em Wanna Change,” which he notes as the fastest rising song of his career so far, rolling on.

“I think the realness of it is allowing it to connect with people. A few months before we released it, I posted it on my socials, and the comments were just flooded with people saying we had to put that song out,” says Sanders. “I think every girl has wanted to change a guy for the better, and I think every guy has probably dated someone or knew someone who challenged them to make themselves a little better.”

Sanders says he plans to spend the rest of 2020 preparing new music and waiting for his opportunity to take his songs on the road again.

“Besides touring, it’s really been business as usual for me. We were going to headline my first tour this fall, but it got snatched away because of COVID-19,” says Sanders. “People have been asking me through the years when I was going to put out a full album, and we have something in the works that I can’t really talk too much about, but we have a project in the works that we’re probably going to release early next year. It may be in a little bit of a different format than a typical album, but I’m really excited to show what we’ve got up our sleeves.”

Image by Ford Fairchild

*”Drink Drank Drunk” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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