Cole Bradley Examines Falling Head Over Heels on New Single “Love Made Me”

There’s just something about knowing you’ve found “the one” or falling in love for the first time that brings forth emotions and actions we’ve never felt before. It’s a feeling that can sometimes be hard to put into words. Luckily, Cole Bradley did it for us with his newest single, “Love Made Me.”

Released in early September, “Love Made Me” pairs an infectious chorus with a sound rooted in 90s country, something Bradley credits to his love of that era of country music and familiarity with his producer as he continues to inject a level of versatility into his sound.

“I love 90’s country; it is my favorite kind of music to listen to. Growing up, Garth Brooks was one of my heroes, so I would say that his sonic influence has definitely ‘rubbed off’ on me, and I’m glad that you hear it in this song. Honestly, I give a lot of credit to my long-time producer, Sandy Chila, in terms of production. He heard the demo of this song and spent a ton of time experimenting with it. In this particular song, I love how organic the drums sound and how they give off a 90’s country vibe,” says Bradley. “It is VERY important that I show a degree of sonic versatility in my music. I have always been a country singer/songwriter, but I am never afraid to ‘step outside the box’ and throw in something sonically that may not fit the ‘country music realm.’ Whether it be a funky bass line or an interesting synth sound, I love to branch out creatively with my music. I don’t want people to say that I sound like somebody else, I want them to hear my music and say ‘that sounds like Cole Bradley.’”

Bradley’s new single comes off three months after the release of his previous single, “Old Fashioned.” With the release of “Love Made Me,” Bradley says he is implementing a new marketing strategy, paired with an accompanying music video, to help the song reach new heights.

“’Old Fashioned’ was a very cool song that I released last summer. Although, we didn’t push it that hard, it was almost something that I put out there for people to enjoy while kicking back and having a whiskey,” says Bradley. “With ‘Love Made Me,’ I had more of a goal in mind. We had a stronger marketing plan and a great video behind it. It was my first release of 2020, and with this particular year being so bizarre, I felt like an upbeat and happy song like ‘Love Made Me’ was the perfect way to kick off my new music for the year!”

Bradley says he drew inspiration for “Love Made Me” from a real relationship that struck him differently than anything in his past, and feels the story the song tells is almost universal.

“I feel like most people have been with someone that makes them feel like they’ve gone crazy, in the best possible way. I once dated this girl, and I felt as though she had me doing things and feeling ways that I had never felt before. Whether it be staying up late just to talk to her or being so love-struck that I never wanted to leave her side, ‘Love Made Me’ is relatable to anyone who has fallen ‘head over heels’ for someone,” says Bradley. “It’s not guaranteed that these kinds of relationships will work out, but I give credit to my co-writer Eric Mallon for helping me dive into this kind of emotion that we’ve all experienced.”

Bradley’s stock has been steadily on the rise since his 2018 single “Happy Hour.” Though he’s grateful for the success he had with the song, he feels he has matured artistically and looks forward to showing that maturity with his upcoming releases.

“Truth be told, no, I really don’t feel like there is any pressure. I wrote ‘Happy Hour’ when I was nineteen, and it was just a really fun, upbeat, tongue-in-cheek kind of song,” says Bradley. “It definitely surpassed my expectations, which is fantastic! But I was still so young and I feel like my writing has improved a bunch since then. I think that our new releases are stronger than ever before!”

While the rest of 2020 is filled with question marks, Bradley says he plans to close his year by staying creative and active both writing and releasing new music.

“It’s been a very unpredictable year, but I have been focused and will continue to focus on the things I can control. For me, that’s the creative process and continuing to write almost every day. In addition, I am going to continue releasing new content and music that will connect with my fans while working on growing my digital following,” says Bradley. “It’s unpredictable when we all will be able to tour again, but I am confident that live shows will be back sooner rather than later. But for now, it’s the perfect time to focus on growing creatively.”

*”Love Made Me” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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