Brenda Cay Premiere’s “Emotionally Charged” EP ‘Fragile Like a Bomb’ [Exclusive Premiere]

In a year that has admittedly been a roller coaster, Brenda Cay is set to end it on a high note with the release of her sophomore EP, Fragile Like a Bomb tomorrow. Pro Country is honored to give you a listen to the EP a day early! You can listen here.

Fragile Like a Bomb comes on the heels of her greatest success yet; three singles released this year, “1-2-3-Floor,” “Unplug & Recharge” and “I Fish” quickly approaching three quarters of a million streams on Spotify. When we chatted with Cay in October, Cay says she was moved by the response she’s been receiving this year.

“The only word I can come up with is amazing, and that doesn’t seem like a big enough word to describe how I feel. As a songwriter, you never know how others will react to a song and so it can be scary to ‘bear your soul’ to the world,” says Cay. “As an artist, I’ve been told that I would never ‘make it.’ So after overcoming all of my self-doubt and putting my heart into releasing these songs, I am so humbled by all the likes and comments on social media, and having so many people streaming my songs is a dream come true.”

With Fragile Like a Bomb, Cay says she is giving a glimpse into her life both personally and professionally.

“I’ve been knocked down a few times this year and I guess that’s why Fragile Like a Bomb is so important to me. While “I Fish” deals with loss and “Fragile Like a Bomb” deals with overcoming challenges, there are fun songs that are about escaping the stress we’re all facing right now,” says Cay. “It’s an emotionally charged EP and really expresses where I’m at at this time in my life and in my music.”

It is that expression that Cay’s producer, Brian Brewer, says is allowing Cay to find the success she’s earned this year, and will also continue to bring it in the future.

“What a pleasure to be involved with Brenda’s project and career. The songs collectively show great diversity but her style covers each one with a signature sound! Listeners will certainly engage and identify with the lyrics and the music is solid and moving!” says Brewer. “The future looks bright despite a questionable time in the music industry, and I look forward to watching my friend press through it and bring her fans quality music and entertainment!”

Those emotions also touched those working on Fragile Like a Bomb with Cay. Jill Pavel from Heart Songs Records says working with Cay was a joy and says that all of the success she’s finding this year has been well-earned.

“Working with Brenda on this EP has been a joy. When we started working together, our goal was to accentuate her songwriting while providing her fans with a listening experience. Brenda delivered over and above, her music videos have been well received and she has garnered over 722K Spotify streams on the three singles previously released, and she acquired nine licenses through Spotify, Rhapsody and private label,” says Pavel. “The success of her work during Covid-19 is a beautiful reflection of her songwriting talent and connection with her audience.”

With success and triumph now under her belt as a tumultuous 2020 comes to a close, Fragile Like a Bomb is a a major Victory for Cay, and if the the first 11 months of 2020 are any indication, Cay is set to earn her greatest success to date.

Listen to Fragile Like a Bomb here.

*Images by Katie Heart*


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