Kyle Daigle Prepares First Single of 2021, “Goodnight”

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about Kyle Daigle going into 2021.

For starters, the last two years have seen the Louisiana native release what we feel is the best music of his career, and he’s got the numbers to back it up. The clear outlier, 2019’s “Cold Beer in Heaven,” took Daigle to new heights, with nearly 200,000 streams and another 300,000 views on the song’s music video, Daigle struck an emotional chord both personally and professionally with the release. And with 2020’s “I’ve Got Everything,” he proved that emotion wasn’t a one and done thing, as he crafted an excellent song as a tribute to his wife.

As 2021 begins a new chapter for all, it does the same for Daigle, with the first installment of the chapter, “Goodnight,” set for release on January 7.

Opening with an upbeat electric riff, “Goodnight” is driven by a thumping drum line through the chorus that is matched by an acoustic mix that brings the vocal and Daigle’s voice to the forefront.

As he delivery the lyric about drowning a lost love with a beer (or ten) in a bar, the end of the song’s chorus sees the narrator coming down and instead of wishing for a “good night” as he was in the beginning, he’s wishing he could wish his lost flame a “goodnight” at night’s end. It’s the wordplay that makes us love country music, and Daigle pulls it off like a pro.

Steel guitar lines are layered throughout the song that climaxes with a short but shredding guitar solo that will leave even the most casual music fan busting out an air guitar.

“Goodnight” is set for release on January 7, and can be pre-saved here!


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