Graycie York Opens 2021 on a High Note with New Single “Texas Rain”

If the past year is any indication, Graycie York is well on her way towards becoming a staple in the Texas country music scene and beyond.

In just over ten months since the release of her debut single, “Patsy Kind of Night,” she released her debut EP, accrued over 35,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, landed on their Texas Music Now playlist with two singles, and most recently, hit the ground running with her new single “Texas Rain,” released on January 1st.

The song, which has been recorded by both Seven Miles South and Shotgun Rider, has already become York’s third most-streamed single, and was released after a video York posted performing the song in early 2020 caught the eyes and ears of her fanbase.

“I posted a video covering the song from the female perspective in April of last year and it took off; everyone loved it. I was so surprised by how much attention it was getting,” York says. “I had so many messages coming through asking me to release a studio version of it, so i got in touch with the songwriters and asked if I could release the song, but obviously give credit where it’s due, and thankfully it was a yes!”

Released just over two months after her debut EP Words to Say, York says releasing “Texas Rain” to kick off 2021 made beginning a new year even more special.

“Honestly I had no idea when I wanted to release ‘Texas Rain,’ and when I announced the release on my social media, the song hadn’t even been inputted into the distributing website, so I was really taking a gamble on setting it for that date, but I was talking to my producer and we thought it would be cool to release a song right into the new year!” York says. “I’m really happy with that decision because it just made going into 2021 more special.”

Though the early streaming success on “Texas Rain” has taken York by surprise, she says she is grateful for how well the song has been received so far.

“The number of streams on the song has absolutely blown my mind. I was not expecting it to do this well so fast, but I am not complaining at all,” York says. “I am so, so blessed that everyone is loving it and streaming it.”

As she heads into 2021, York has high hopes of hitting the road and potentially more new music. 

“Hopefully we’ll be getting full band shows started up and getting back into the studio and working on some other stuff,” York says. “And maybe a couple more singles coming out in the future.”

And though she’s full speed ahead into 2021, York is thankful for all of the success she earned in 2020.

“As everyone knows, 2020 was something else. No one expected it to turn into what it was, but I thankfully had so many things to be grateful for last year,” York says. “With the release of all of my music in general, it was the start of it all for me. Getting to be on the Texas Music Now playlist was definitely a big highlight of my year because I had dreamed about that. There were a lot of other things I’d dreamed about came true in 2020. I made friendships and connections within the music scene despite everything that happened, so even though it was still a rough year, I have many, many things I am forever grateful for.”

*”Texas Rain” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*

**All images courtesy of Graycie York Facebook page**


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