Marcy Grace Begins Her Next Chapter with New Single “Empty Hearted”

2020 gave us so many reasons to be stagnant. It would have been easy to kick back and try again when the new year rolled around. Fortunately, that’s not the mindset Marcy Grace took into quarantine.

Grace not only kept her creative juices flowing, she took things a step further; looking within herself to find what she wanted her sound to be, and with her new single “Empty Hearted,” Grace feels she has found it, thanks in part to writing her songs on the electric guitar.

“My goal for 2020 was to play electric guitar more and get back to my roots. When I first learned guitar, I actually started on electric, you know, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Santana stuff here and there,” says Grace. “I’ve actually been writing my songs on electric guitar lately. I’ve always had songs with a little more country-rock feel, but you definitely can feel that driving guitar in the new stuff now!”

“Empty Hearted,” released as January came to a close, follows the success of Grace’s 2019 album, No Limits, as well as its single, “I Wanna.” She says feeling that support on her first release to the Texas country music scene was something she still considers special.

“It was so awesome, and I feel so blessed! It’s kind of funny because ‘I Wanna’ was just supposed to be our introduction song into the scene and it’s done the best so far. You just never know which one is going to connect with people!” says Grace. “No Limits is special because that was really our first album in this scene and it’s been amazing to see the support!”

Grace’s new single follows the final single on No Limits, “Like I Do.” She says that because “Empty Hearted” is a bit of a sonic outlier from anything she’s released previously, it would be the perfect follow up.

“I’m always writing, so by the time I release a new song, it’s probably been done for a year or two prior,” says Grace. “This song was the first song I wrote during the 2020 quarantine, and it just felt right when I finished it. I knew it was a little different from my previous releases, but I really feel like I’m honing in on my sound now.”

With “Empty Hearted,” Grace leaned more on storytelling than personal experience as she delves in to a girl still hanging on to a lost love.

“In this song, I’m actually more of a storyteller. Some songs are from personal experiences, but with this one, I wanted to tell a story of a girl whose heart never fully recovered from a lost love. It’s not really about the other person, more of her side and her feelings,” says Grace. “That first line in the song, ‘I’ve been thinking, even after all these years. I still miss you…,’ are actually the lines that hit first when writing it. I just went with it and I think it came out pretty good!”

With her new single under her belt, Grace is well on her way to a big 2021, as she has already been nominated for 2021 New Female Vocalist at the Texas Regional Radio Report Awards, made even more special because the nomination came from within the industry.

“It means a lot; this comes from your peers, so I really appreciate the love and support!” says Grace. “I’m a super positive person, so I’m just happy to be in such an awesome scene!”

Though the “new normal” of limited live performances has been tough on her, Grace says she’s been able to stay busy and stay creative.

“It’s definitely been an adjustment. The thing I really miss the most is spending every week with my band. We’re like a family, and it’s hard not seeing them. But we’ve been able to keep in good contact and staying busy with recording,” says Grace. “I’ve also been staying busy with live streams and keeping up with social media and promo. Definitely looking forward to playing out on a consistent basis again though!”

In doing so, Grace has plans for more new music as she begins to fill up her touring schedule.

“I’m working on more music and content to release, for sure,” says Grace. “We’re also fulling in some spring/summer dates, so I’m excited to get back to playing live music!”

*”Empty Hearted” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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