Megan Ashley Teams Up with Aaron Watson to Cover “Three Wooden Crosses”

There’s something about good songs that always seem to connect with people. Country music has plenty of them, and on the short list of songs that seem to be universally appreciated, Randy Travis’s “Three Wooden Crosses” may be right at the top.

Megan Ashley is well aware of the song’s power, and in late January, offered a new perspective on the song, a duet with one of Texas’s premiere artists, Aaron Watson.

Meganand Watson’s release follows Megan’s cover of Matt Snell’s “Pray for You.” Released last year, Megan says the two songs come from a spiritual place within her and that listeners can expect more on the way.

“I wanted to do a little faith-based country project between the originals I released and more I have coming!” Megan says.

Megan says her desire to record “Three Wooden Crosses” comes from years of performances and compliments that accompanied them.

“Besides the meaning of the song, over the past few years, I would play ‘Three wooden Crosses’ at my shows and would always get compliments on my cover,” Megan says. “I figured I might as well record it!”

Megan says getting Watson to contribute to the song was as easy as sending one message on social media, and based on their location and both being strong in their faith, Megan thought the pairing would be a great fit for the song.

“I really wanted a male artist to duet this song with me, because I knew it would make it special. Aaron’s been following me for a while, so I literally just asked him!” Megan says. “Aaron has a lot of faith-based songs out, and we’re both big Texans, so it worked out perfect! It was really cool having Aaron on this track. His album, 3rd Gear and 17, was one of the first Texas Country albums I owned back in the day, and he is definitely someone I look up to for his values and honesty to his listeners. God worked it all out perfectly.”

Just about two months since its release, the duo’s cover has quickly become Megan’s most-streamed song on Spotify, something that excites her as she prepares to release more new music this year.

“Even though I didn’t write this song, it’s still super exciting because I know this is my best work yet vocally,” Megan says. “I’m excited to share more new music this year!”

Even though live performances were largely cancelled last year, Megan says she was still able to stay busy with social media performances and in writing rooms.

“I definitely had a lot of cancelled shows, but I was still able to do a lot of Facebook and Instagram lives with Texas radio and some other sources,” Megan says. “Plus, I was writing a lot!”

As for the rest of 2021, Megan says she looks forward to returning to the stage as she prepares the release of more new music.

“There’s lots of shows, and hopefully three new songs soon!” Megan says. “I will be playing shows back in Texas at least once a month, as well as Florida and Tennessee!”

*Megan and Aaron’s version of “Three Wooden Crosses” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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