Molly Lovette Embraces Vulnerability on New Single, “Break a Heart”

Songwriting is therapy. As alone as a person may feel, there’s a good chance there’s someone on the other end of the lyrics that feels the same way. And with a theme as common as heartbreak, that couldn’t be more true.

Though it’s admittedly frightening to her, Molly Lovette feels obliged to dig deep and be vulnerable at times, proving it most recently with her new single, “Break a Heart.”

Oftentimes heartbreak songs are from the perspective of the heart being broken, Lovette offers a unique take on heartbreak as she examines the end of a relationship from the side of the person doing the breaking. It’s a delicate place to be, and she handles it delicately as the song builds from piano and acoustic with faint steel to big drum and electric guitar tracks as Lovette matches their intensity with a belting vocal.

We chatted with Lovette all about “Break a Heart,” getting involved with music at an early age, the success she’s had with her previous releases, how she’s staying busy and more!

Pro Country: Who were some of your earliest musical influences?

Molly Lovette: Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood; they were my very first CDs. As a little girl, I wanted to be just like them when I grew up. 

PC: Your bio mentions that you grew up in a musical family and got involved with music and performing at an early age. What was it about music and being on stage that connected with you at such a young age?

ML: I love the feeling of being on stage and performing; it has always felt very natural. My favorite part to this day about performing is connecting with the audience, and I think even as a little girl, I loved making those connections: making people smile, laugh or even cry. It’s a really cool thing to make people feel something, and I knew I wanted to do that forever.    

PC: At what point did that early interest in music translate into you realizing you could/wanted to pursue it as a career?

ML: Although music was always the dream, it wasn’t until my freshman year in college when I started performing more, releasing music, etc. that I realized that music could really be my future. I sat down with my parents and we put a business plan together and decided that I would make music my career, full-time, and I’ve never looked back!

PC: What emotions were you feeling as you were preparing to release music for the first time with your single “Bad for You”?

ML: It was a mix of excitement and nerves. I had been writing songs for years, but “Bad for You” was special. It was the first song I was confident enough in to share with the world. I couldn’t wait to release it, to have music out there, to finally feel like a real artist, but I was also terrified that people just wouldn’t like it.   

PC: “Bad for You” has since earned nearly 400,000 streams on Spotify. Is it at all validating to have that success right out of the gate? What do you think it was about that song that has allowed it to connect with listeners the way it has?

ML: I still cannot believe that “Bad for You” gets streamed the way it does. It means the absolute world that my fans support my first single so much. For a while, this song was the only piece of music I had released; we were all so excited and I know people streamed it like crazy. “Bad for You” will always be so special to me, and I think to my fans too, especially the ones who have been around since the “Bad for You” days; look how far we’ve come!

PC: Your two follow up singles to your debut album, Crush, “Lovin’ You” and “One Woman Show,” continued the streaming success of “Bad for You” and several other songs on Crush. What did it mean to you to double down on that success?

ML: I don’t think I could say thank you enough to everyone who streams my music. I quite literally could not be an artist without fans listening and supporting me. Every stream, follow, like, comment, etc. means more than I can even say. I will never take for granted my fans who allow me to do what I love for a living. 

PC: Your last single, “Love You Loud,” was a genre bending and blending collaborative tune. Why did you feel that your newest single, “Break a Heart,” was the right follow up? Is keeping that sonic versatility in your music and releases something you pay attention to?

ML: My previous releases were more upbeat, fun songs, especially “Love You Loud.” I had the best time working with Trevor Cissell and Ceon to create that song. After that release, I knew it was time to slow it down a little and show the more vulnerable side of myself. Keeping versatility is definitely something that my team and I pay attention to. We want to keep the fans on their toes!

PC: Can you talk about the inspiration behind “Break a Heart”?

ML: I was in a relationship that I knew needed to end, not because someone did something wrong, but I just knew the relationship wasn’t right for me. I had to break up with someone for the first time. I’ve written plenty of heartbreak songs, I’ve been dumped before and know how that goes [laughs], but being on the other side of a break up is so different. I started journaling and came up with the phrase “How do you find the words to break a heart?” I wrote the song then and there. 

PC: “Break a Heart” is delivered in such an emotional manner and has very heavy-hitting lyrics that come from true events. What is it about yourself that allows you to be that vulnerable, raw and honest in your music?

ML: Writing is a form of therapy in some ways. I write what I’m going through as a way to express myself and figure out exactly how I’m feeling. It’s really scary sometimes to share that vulnerable side of yourself, but if I’m feeling a certain way, then I know that there are other people out there feeling the same. And if I can help them just a little bit, make them feel a little less alone, or give them a three minute escape, then it is one hundred percent worth it. I’ve received so many messages from people relating to my songs, so I will keep putting myself out there.  

PC: The cancellation of most live performances hit several artists hard in 2020. What was the adjustment like for you?

ML: I lost a lot of shows in 2020, which was really tough, but I honestly can’t say I had a lot of downtime. I put on weekly Facebook live shows, weekly interviews, Instagram takeovers, writes, etc. Not having live in-person shows was strange, but I connected with so many artists and fans on social media, which was a really bright spot during that crazy year. 

PC: Of the things you can control, what are your plans for 2021?

ML: Release new music! I was in the studio in January of this year and I’m super excited about the new music. I am continuing to write and co-write a ton, play writers rounds here in Nashville, and have plans to get on the road for a little bit with my band in the coming months.

*”Break a Heart” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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