Thomas Fountain Debuts Good Timing New Single, “It Don’t Matter” [Premiere]

In a year that has put many through the wringer, a song that can take us away to a good-timing place is a breath of fresh air. Tomorrow, April 23, Thomas Fountain will do just that with his new single, “It Don’t Matter,” but we’re honored to give you an early listen today!

With twanging guitars, steel and fiddle weaving through the song’s two and a half minutes, Fountain is delivering a sure-fire boot stomping, two-stepping anthem. And after the year we’ve had, Fountain said “It Don’t Matter” is coming at the perfect time.

“’It Don’t Matter’ is my first rowdy, fun, drinking/party song,” says Fountain. “I just felt like after the year we’ve all experienced, that my audience needed something fun from me. So sing, song, and cheers!”

The good-timing vibe of the song was also brought in the studio with Fountain, who says he brought a rowdy atmosphere into the studio.

“’It Don’t Matter’ was written by Wyatt McCubbin and Aaron Raitiere. Both phenomenal writers with major cuts,” says Fountain. “When the song was sent to me it was more in the bluegrass vein. I just kept hearing some Tele twang and my buddies in the background singing along to the chorus. So I brought friends, musicians, and even the producer in to sing the part of the rowdy crowd. The studio experience was a blast.”

Listen to “It Don’t Matter” below!


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