Paige King Johnson Spreads Mother’s Day Love with New Single, “She Holds This House Together”

Oftentimes, it’s gifts of the sentimental variety that make the biggest impact on recipients. For Mother’s Day this year, Paige King Johnson gifted her mother something that will last forever; a song of gratitude for mothers and the work they do to be the glue in countless families called “She Holds This House Together.”

For Johnson, the song was spawned nearly a year ago, after she and her co-writer reflected on the just-passed Mother’s Day and how their mothers have impacted their own lives.

“My co-writer, Mike Astrachan, and I wrote this song last year not long after Mother’s Day as we were catching up on how we had celebrated our own mothers. We then started reflecting on our childhoods and how much our moms have done, and continue to do, for us and our families every day to make our lives seem so seamless. From those conversations came ‘She Holds This House Together,’” says Johnson. “This song is just an honest confession of gratitude for what all mothers do every day without expecting a thank you and even being acknowledged.”

Though the song was written with both Johnson and Astrachan’s mothers in mind, it has touched listeners at various stages of life and has allowed Johnson the opportunity to connect with them over that shared emotion.

“It’s such a blessing to me to hear so many different stories from friends and fans who are listening to the song,” says Johnson. “Some people have shared pictures of themselves and their mothers with me. Others have said they wish so badly that they could send the song to their mothers who are no longer with them here on Earth. And I’ve had a few women who are currently expectant mothers reach out to tell me how much this song’s message means to them already, even as they are preparing for motherhood.”

Coinciding with the release of “She Holds This House Together” was a slide show music video of moments Johnson and her mother have shared through their lives, which offered the two the opportunity to reflect, which also created an emotional moment for them.

“Putting this music video together was so much fun! It gave me an excuse to go through a lot of my favorite memories from my childhood and to be reminded of others that aren’t so vivid,” says Johnson. “My momma shed a few tears when I first showed the video to her, but once the emotions passed, we had a good time talking about all the pictures and what memories were attached to them. It became a long conversation around the supper table that night that was so precious to both of us.”

“She Holds This House Together” follows October’s “Just Like You,” a song that is already approaching 100,000 Spotify streams, on top of hundreds of thousands of streams and views across platforms. The North Carolina native says the specificities of love contained in the song have been what has allowed it to connect with listeners the way it has.

“Music’s purpose is to bring people together under a common experience or feeling, and I think that’s exactly what made ‘Just Like You’ so popular; it’s relatable,” says Johnson. “There’s so many people who do have a love like that, or who dream of having a love like that. I’ve had countless women come up to me saying, ‘I love your song ‘Just Like You’. It describes my husband and I to a tee.’ That makes me so happy, because that’s what I strive to do every day that I go into a co-write.”

Though she is admittedly uneasy about releasing new music, Johnson says the reception “Just Like You” has received has been personally validating.

“I always get nervous when releasing songs because I want others to enjoy them just as much as I do,” says Johnson. “To physically see the streaming numbers on Spotify and the music video views on YouTube continuing to rise to such high numbers makes me really happy. It confirms to me that I’m doing my job the right way!”

With the success she has had over the last half-year, Johnson is thankful to have the opportunity to take her songs on the road in the coming months and to share more new music.

“Lord willing, I have quite a bit of tour dates on the books for 2021. It’s so nice to have a full show calendar after everything that happened last year, so I’m really hoping that we get to make all of this year’s shows happen. There’s quite a few new places that I’m traveling to this year that I’ve never been to before, so I’m very excited about it!” says Johnson. “Additionally, I have some plans to share some more new music with fans this year! These are some of my favorite songs to date, and I can’t wait to get them in the hands of other people.”

*”She Holds This House Together” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*

**All images courtesy of Paige King Johnson Facebook page**


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