Wolff & Co. Boast Hometown Pride with Debut Single, “Take Me Home” [Premiere]

In a year where bad times have sometimes outnumbered the good ones, comforting memories of home and the things that matter most to us can be crucial in pulling us through. For Wolff & Co., they’ve injected memories and appreciation for their hometown in their debut single, “Take Me Home,” a country-rocking tune that has all the makings of a windows-down favorite as summer approaches. Pro Country is honored to give listeners a listen a day before its release tomorrow!

Of the band’s song, songwriter/lead vocalist Dylan Wolff says, “I think that listeners will like ‘Take Me Home’ because it will remind them to be proud of their roots. Even the humblest beginnings should be celebrated. Without them, we couldn’t have become what we are today.”

Along with premiering the track, we chatted with Wolff about forming Wolff & Co., blending country and rock sounds, their big plans for this year and more!

Listen to “Take Me Home” here!

Pro Country: Each of you are Belmont men with similar sonic influences. Can you talk a bit about forming Wolff & Co.?

Dylan Wolff: Wolff & Co. started off with me, Dylan Wolff, and Tate Bailey. I had been looking for a guitarist to help me put some music to my songs, and Tate offered his services. We were already friends with similar enough taste in music, so it wasn’t long before we kinda put together a vision of what we wanted. We decided that Wolff & Co. was going to be largely focused on trying to recapture a lot of the sincerity that we feel has been disregarded in much of the modern music industry. Our good friend Delaney Ramsdell introduced us to our drummer, Zak Flores, and the music just started coming to life.

PC: Your new single, “Take Me Home,” features elements of rock and country sounds. As musicians whose influences range from Johnny Cash to Led Zeppelin, how important is it for you to tap into both of those sonic influences?

DW: It’s pretty important for us to represent all kinds of music. We were raised on classic rock and country, so naturally, we’re influenced by countless artists in those genres. We have always intended to make music in a country style, but rock ‘n’ roll always seeps through. What’s more important to us than anything is making music that is authentic and organic. We try to keep our tunes as unaffected as possible, so that way when you come to see us play live, you’re getting what you paid for.

PC: Why did you feel that “Take Me Home” was the right follow up to your last single, “Slow Down Freedom”?

DW: We mostly view “Take Me Home” as our debut single. “Slow Down Freedom” is one of our favorites, but since it’s a demo, it was really only intended to give the people a little tiny taste of what we would eventually bring to the table. So, to answer the question, we think that “Take Me Home” is both musically and lyrically a great introduction to Wolff & Co. because it shows off exactly the message we are trying to convey. We are proud of where we come from, we are dedicated to greatness, and we are unapologetic. “Take Me Home” also conveniently represents coming together with those who are different than you; though it was unplanned, in the tumultuous times we have faced recently, we think that people could use a friendly reminder that everyone has something to learn from everyone. We live in a beautiful world, and it takes a combined effort to keep it going.

PC: Can you take us in the writing room and talk about the inspiration behind “Take Me Home”?

DW: I actually wrote the chorus for a writing session that I had with my buddy Holdyn Barder. When I sang it to Tate, he said that there was no way I could give it to Holdyn. We had been looking for a tenth song for our album that we were planning, and we both thought that “Take Me Home” would be a perfect fit. I had kinda started writing about how much I loved where I came from and how proud I was to be who I was. Once Tate and I started working out the rest, it came like a wildfire. It blazed through our hearts, down the pen and onto the paper.

PC: Of the things you can control, what are your plans for the rest of 2021?

DW: We’re ready to get back to playing shows. Playing to an audience is really the best part of being a musician, and unfortunately, COVID robbed much of those opportunities from us over the last year. We have plenty of music ready to be released as well, so 2021 is our year to really show the people who we are and why what we’re doing is so important.

PC: Is there anything you’d like to add?

DW: This is only the beginning of a long and fulfilling journey.

Listen to “Take Me Home” here!


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