Tyler Short Releases Blue Collar Anthem, “This Is Me” [Premiere]

When an artist has lived a song, oftentimes, listeners can feel it, and when New Jerusalem, Pennsylvania native Tyler Short sings about being unashamedly true to himself and his values on his new single, “This Is Me,” [premiering on Pro Country a day before its release!], it’s quite evident that it’s coming from a real place.

That place comes from standing his ground in the midst of an old flame trying to mold him into someone he wasn’t. When the relationship ended, he put pen to paper and spawned “This Is Me.”

“A few years back I started dating a girl who wanted me to dress and be a certain way around her family,” says Short. “I’m not ashamed of being a simple guy, being me. Needless to say, we broke up and I wrote a song about it.”

Though the song speaks to Short’s character, he feels its message is broad enough to be relatable to plenty of folks who have the same values.

“This song is one I’m definitely proud of and enjoy performing,” says Short. “I feel like it is relatable and real. It’s me talking about experiences I had and explaining the kind of person I am. It really is just who I am.”

Listen to “This Is Me” Here!


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