Jake Francis Releases New Moving On Single, “What I’ve Been Missing” [Premiere]

As much as love is a part of our lives, unfortunately, love lost is as well, and in a genre that largely tackles everyday life, there are certainly songs of love and love lost that fill the country music space, such is the case with Jake Francis and his debut single, “What I’ve Been Missing,” however, Francis cleverly puts a spin on the end of a relationship. Though the song is set for release tomorrow, we’re happy to premiere it for you a day early!

Francis says the fiddle-laden tune was spawned from a real-life breakup, learning how to get through it and find happiness.

“The song is about a past breakup I had. It beat the hell out of me and really broke me down,” says Francis. “It’s truly the story of how I got through it and found myself to be happy again.”

With “What I’ve Been Missing,” Francis says he’s returning to that happiness and returning to form

“The song for me was about releasing the past and getting back my roots,” says Francis. “Everything that makes me happy and who I am.”

Listen to the premiere of “What I’ve Been Missing” Here!


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