Hayden Haddock Releases Good-Timing New Single, “Wind It Down”

If you’re anything like Hayden Haddock, regardless of what life throws at you during the day, when nighttime comes, you’ll find yourself unwinding with a few friends and a few cold ones. With the release of his newest single, “Wind It Down,” Haddock has delivered an anthem for those occasions.

Haddock’s new single serves as his first release in nearly two years, namely, his largely successful album Red Dirt Texas, which spawned three top 15 singles on the Texas charts and earned the Texan hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify.

“It was definitely a great feeling to have the consistent top 15 songs,” says Haddock. “I know there’s a lot of people who work a long time just to get one, so I don’t take it for granted at all.”

With that success now under his belt and an opportunity to tease his upcoming releases, Haddock rolled with “Wind It Down” as the lead single from the project because of how much fun the song packs into its three minutes.

“We have a lot of new songs ready to go for the fans, and we felt that ‘Wind It Down’ was a great, energetic and uptempo song to really start off the release of new music with a ‘bang,’” says Haddock. “Everyone seems to be loving it so far, so I believe we made a good choice!”

Penned by rising Texas artist Wynn Williams and heavy-hitting producer Trent Willmon, “Wind It Down” struck a chord with Haddock because of the commonality of the lyric.

“What drew me to the song was the idea behind it that no matter what you and your buddies do, at the end of the day, you seem to always end up at this little bar just having some beers and talking about whatever seems to come to mind,” says Haddock. “It completely reminded me of my life here in College Station right off the bat, because we always seem to end up at the Dixie Chicken doing the same thing.”

As he continues to work with Willmon, whose credits include projects with Cody Johnson, Eric Church and Randy Houser, Haddock says he and Willmon have developed a musical rapport that he feels is invaluable.

“Working with Trent is always a blast. We see eye-to-eye on most things so that makes it pretty easy as well,” says Haddock. “Trent has become family to me, so we both know we can be honest with each other about ideas, song choices, etc. Trent and I have a lot of great stuff planned for the future!”

Though he and Willmon have big future plans, in recent memory, Willmon had the honor of presenting Haddock with the New Male Vocalist of the Year award at the Texas Regional Radio Report Awards, something Haddock says he was both taken aback and honored by.

“Receiving the New Male Vocalist award was such a great feeling because never in a million years did I think I would receive any type of award for my music,” says Haddock. “It made it even better that Trent actually presented the award to me!”

As he sets his sights towards 2022, Haddock plans to take his music on the road and continue to deliver new single releases ahead of a new full-length album.

“Our plan going forward is just to play as many shows as we can and release these new singles out to you guys over the next six months or so,” says Haddock. “Then hopefully work our way to another full length album in 2022!”

*”Wind It Down” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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