Alexis May Releases Touching, Healing New Single, “What About Your Little Girl”

Losing a parent is one of the worst things imaginable. Our parents are our rocks, and moving forward without them seems impossible. Alexis May lived every kid’s worst nightmare; her father passed when she was still a child, and she was going to be navigating life without him.

As songwriters do, May took the feelings she had about losing her dad and made them into a song; several songs, in fact. However, for the first time, she’s released those feelings with her newest single, “What About Your Little Girl,” a raw heart-on-your-sleeve song that’s sure to make any listener pause and appreciate what they have while they have it.

We caught up with May to chat all about “What About Your Little Girl,” as well as the positive response to her debut EP, hitting the road in 2022 and more!

Pro Country: Your debut EP, Killing Pain, Memories and Time will turn one year old in May. Now that it’s been out for a year, how proud of you of that EP and the response you’ve received from it?

Alexis May: I’m really happy that, after almost a year, my EP is still growing. I’ve gotten some radio spins and shoutouts that have helped it grow as well. I’m still really proud of it, especially because it was self-produced and so many people have given me positive and encouraging feedback!

PC: You wrote your newest single, “What About Your Little Girl,” two years ago. Why did you feel that this was the right time to release it?

AM: This felt like the right time for a few different reasons. I think that a big one was actually because of my great grandmother. I just lost her in September, and I found this song connecting to so many aspects of losing her as well. It was also the first year in a long time that I hadn’t written a song about my father, because I knew that I wanted to do something big for him. It felt like a good time to record after the EP, but it also like the right time for a tribute.

PC: You wrote “What About Your Little Girl” about the loss of your father. Was it almost cathartic in a way to write and release the feelings you expressed in the song? Was it a hard song for you to write?

AM: This song was extremely healing because it allowed me to finally break my emotions down into a deeper level than any song before. It’s not the first song that I’ve written about my dad, but it was one that I connected to the most. This song made me put a lot of feelings to words, and I began to understand how much his death had impacted so much of my life. Having now spent almost 20 years without him, it was almost surreal to see the effects written down on paper. I can’t say that it was too hard to write because I knew as soon as my pen hit the page that it would be setting me free in so many ways.

PC: “What About Your Little Girl” was released on your father’s birthday. How special was it for you to release the song on that day, and what has the song meant to both you and your family in the time since its release?

AM: It felt bittersweet to release this song on his birthday. I was excited to be celebrating him, but it also made me wish that he were here even more. My family was happy about it and I had a lot of support from so many people who knew my father and wanted to tell me more stories about him, or say how much he would love the song. In a way, I think that releasing the song connected me to him even more.

PC: The last time we talked, you said you were going to keep busy writing songs and hoped to continue releasing the best material possible. Where are you in that process? What information, if any, can you give about the status of new music?

AM: I have a few songs picked out for the next project. I will be putting out a full-length album, but I want to take a little more time to make this project. I think that it is going to be more dynamic because I’ll have more room to express myself. I’m still writing, and hoping that I’ll have more news soon!

PC: What are your plans for the rest of 2022?

AM: This year, I’ll be playing a bit more with my band, The Alexis May Band, and focusing a lot on shows. I’ve been able to play a few solo shows lately, but I couldn’t be more excited to get out and play with the band this summer!

PC: Is there anything you’d like to add?

AM: I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been listening to my music, and especially to those who have reached out about the impact of “What About Your Little Girl.” I’m so grateful and feel truly blessed for all of the support!

*”What About Your Little Girl” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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