Molly Lovette Reflects on a Changing Relationship with New Single, “Seasons”

Change is an inevitable part of life. And for better or for worse, relationships are bound to change over time. With her newest single, “Seasons,” Molly Lovette examines those changes and the roller coaster ride a relationship can undergo.

Likening the changes in a relationship to changes in seasons, Lovette once again digs deep and offers a vulnerable perspective on a past relationship that she knew she had to leave. Though it’s personal to her, it’s undeniable to listeners can place themselves in Lovette’s not-so-loving story, a connection that continues to push her to be vulnerable with her music.

We caught up with Lovette to talk all about “Seasons,” as well as connecting with listeners, sonic versatility, her plans for 2022 and more!

Pro Country: Your new single, “Seasons,” follows 2021’s “Hey Hey.” Why did you feel that “Seasons” was both the right follow up to “Hey Hey” and the right song to open 2022?

Molly Lovette: After all of the excitement of “Hey Hey,” I wanted to show a more vulnerable side of myself with my next release. With the opening line in “Seasons” talking about snow, I figured that it was a perfect winter release and the best way to kick off 2022.

PC: You solo-wrote “Seasons” about a changing relationship. Can you take us in the room and tell us the inspiration behind the song?

ML: I wrote this song about my own life and experiences (as I always do). I was reflecting on a relationship that I was in at the time; all of the back and forth, good and bad times, and I realized that I had been with this person for an entire year. We had been through every season together, and like those seasons, we changed. I began writing out some of the good and bad memories of us, the emotions I was feeling, and it turned into “Seasons.”

PC: The last time we talked, you mentioned that releasing vulnerable songs like “Seasons” is a form of therapy to you, and that you enjoy hearing from listeners that your songs have impacted. What does it mean to you to hear from people who have related, healed and shared stories of how your songs have had an impact on them?

ML: It means the world to me hearing that my words have impacted someone positively. We all go through difficult times, and sometimes we just need someone, or something to lean on, to make us feel a little less alone. Receiving messages of healing or people relating reminds me why I do what I do and why I allow myself to get vulnerable in the public eye.

PC: While “Hey Hey” featured a more progressive sound, “Seasons” feels more rooted in straight ahead country and features a prominent fiddle throughout. How important for you, if at all, is it for you to have a certain level of diversity in your sound and to tap into your various influences?

ML: I have always been a huge country music fan, and it’s really important to me to always incorporate some aspects of that traditional country sound, whether it’s fiddle, steel guitar, etc. I definitely want to keep up with the times when creating music, but also hold onto that deep rooted country that I grew up on.

PC: Your tour schedule is pretty busy through the summer. Given the downtime that 2020 and portions of 2021 brought, how much are you looking forward to and enjoying having a full show schedule?

ML: I am so excited to be on the road and playing shows this year! It’s one thing receiving messages online or doing live stream shows, but getting to be in the same room, sharing my music with fans is the greatest feeling.

PC: What are your plans for the rest of 2022?

ML: I have a few more singles that are ready to go that I’m so eager to share! I’ve also been co-writing a lot in Nashville and have some songs I’m excited to record this year. I think most of my summer will be touring with my band and meeting fans which I can’t wait for!

PC: Is there anything you’d like to add?

ML: Thank you for supporting me! Keep in touch on socials and maybe I’ll hit one of your cities this year!

*”Seasons” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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