Dakota Danielle Delves Into a Potential New Flame with New Single, “It’s a Beginning” [Premiere]

The uncertainty of dating is one of the things that makes it most intriguing. It’s impossible to know in the midst of a first date what the relationship will become. Dakota Danielle knows that feeling, and she’s offering a light-hearted take on it with her new single, “It’s a Beginning.”

Set for release on Friday, we’re honored to premiere the track a few days early!

“It’s a Beginning” blends country and southern rock elements with driving guitars and drums and Danielle’s twangy vocal track. Equipped with a singalong chorus, Danielle’s new single feels perfect for windows down, summertime weather.

“With every relationship there is a beginning,” says Danielle. “This song is exactly about that! It’s a fun, light-hearted take on meeting someone for the first time and not knowing where it will end up.”

Listen to “It’s a Beginning” below!


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