Brandi Behlen Expands Her Sound with New Single, “Fly Away with Me”

Brandi Behlen has been one of the premiere sources for fiddle and steel-driven country music since she debuted in 2019. And while that’s still the case, Behlen is no one trick pony, either, and she’s cemented that fact with the release of her new single, “Fly Away with Me.”

With an acoustic-heavy melody, Behlen’s new single leaves space for her vocal and lyric to shine, as “Fly Away with Me” comes equipped with strong harmonies and serves as a good tone setter for the upcoming summer months.

We caught up with Behlen to chat all about “Fly Away with Me,” as well as the success of her last two singles, sonic versatility and more!

Pro Country: Both of your single releases in 2021, “Gypsy” and “I Wish He’d Been Drinking Whiskey,” landed in the top 200 on the TR3 year-end charts, “Gypsy” landed in the top 100 on the Texas Country Music chart, and both were spun nearly 20,000 times combined. How encouraging is it to see those numbers and to know that your songs are receiving that kind of airplay?

Brandi Behlen: It’s always nice to see the hard work pay off, especially after having the contrast between those two songs. “I Wish He’d Been Drinking Whiskey” was the first single I released that was on the sappier, slower side of things, while “Gypsy” is a spunky, fun and upbeat tune! It is still fascinating to see all the different countries, states and cities that my music is being streamed in. It gives a great validation that people are enjoying listening to my songs.

PC: Why did you feel that your newest single, “Fly Away with Me” was the right follow up to “I Wish He’d Been Drinking Whiskey” and the right song to serve as your first release of 2022?

BB: “Fly Away with Me” just gives all the feel good Summer vibes, The melody really pulled me in. Also, Summer is typically when most people travel, so it felt fitting to release now.

PC: “Fly Away with Me” was written by Tim Rushlow and Greg Barnhill. How did you come across the song and what drew you to record it?

BB: It was one of the songs my producer pitched to me while in Nashville. I didn’t have anything else quite like it, so that is what really drew me in. I wanted to have more variety.

PC: “Fly Away with Me” debuted at number 78 on the Texas Country Music Chart” and was named “Song of the Week” during release week. What has the reception from both radio and your listeners meant to you in the weeks following the release of the song?

BB: It usually takes some time to break into the charts, so to have that kind of response was amazing! Now I just have to keep that momentum to continue moving up on the charts!

PC: “Fly Away with Me” is a bit of a sonic shakeup for you, as it leans more heavily on acoustic guitar and harmonies than the additional instrumentation that your previous releases have featured. Can you talk about your sonic approach to the song and how important it is to expand it a bit as an artist?

BB: Tell me about it! I was super nervous about releasing this one, just because it is so different, but it is very important to me to show all sides of my artistry. I also feel like this song in particular really showcases a whole other side of my voice, which is always a plus.

PC: After the tragic events in Uvalde, you quickly put together a benefit concert, which is set to take place on July 17. Why was it so important for you to jump into action so quickly for that community?

BB: I was lucky enough to be a part of a few benefits helping Uvalde! To my knowledge, there hasn’t been one in central Texas, so with the help of a few others, I am putting one together this month in Bastrop, TX. It is important to me because you really don’t think something so tragic can happen to you or your town until it does. Texas has a motto of “Texas Strong,” and when something like this happens, it’s important that we all come together and do all that we can to help.

PC: What do you have planned for the rest of 2022?

BB: I have been writing and recording more music that I cannot wait for everyone to hear. I plan to keep touring, writing and recording!

PC: Is there anything you’d like to add?

BB: Be sure to follow me to stay in the know about new music and more!

*”Fly Away with Me” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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