Pro Country’s Favorite Songs of 2022 (So Far)

The first half of 2022 has already offered us so much great country country music. In no particular order, here’s a few of our favorites!

Caitlin Quisenberry- The Drill

Sometimes all you need to hear is the first line of a song to know it’s going to be great, and Caitlin Quisenberry’s April single is a prime example. And with such unfortunately relatable subject matter, “The Drill” is sure to strike a chord.

Joshua Hedley- Down to My Last Lie

Any song from Joshua Hedley’s Neon Blue record would have been an excellent pick, but this stone cold country tune has been our favorite since its release. It’s got plenty of fiddle, steel and twanging guitars as it offers a different perspective on cheating. What more could you want?

Gloria Anderson- The Moment

Gloria Anderson has a voice made for storytelling. “The Moment” offers somber instrumentation that allows that ability to shine as she presents a touching song tailor made to be played as a mother/son dance for years to come.

Lauren Mascitti- If I Can Lose You

Many will remember “If I Can Lose You” as the song that earned Lauren Mascitti a golden ticket on American Idol. The studio version of the song puts Mascitti’s silky smooth vocal at the forefront. Simply put, Mascitti has one of the best voices in the genre, and her April single is proof positive.

Addison Johnson- Out of Control

If you’re ever on the lookout for a good ol’ sad country tune or an elaborate story song, Addison Johnson is a must-listen. This steel-soaked effort serves as the song that Johnson wishes he could have pitched to George Jones, and we think The Possum would be proud.

Mae Estes- Thinkin’ Bout Cheatin’

Mae Estes has come onto our radar recently as a prolific, clever songwriter, and this cheating song puts that skill front and center. Chock full of excellent harmonies and steel guitar, Estes spins a unique cheating tale that is sure to raise the eyebrow of anyone who hears their significant other listening and singing along.

Matt Castillo- Leaving Since You Got Here

Though the instruments leave space for his vocal to shine, a strong mix of steel, accordion and telecaster weave their way through this cut from Matt Castillo’s newest record. It’s a sonically beautiful listen, and there’s no such thing as too many cheating/love lost tunes.

Taylor Austin Dye- Like You Do

Speaking of great cheating songs, Taylor Austin Dye has released a couple of gems so far this year. “Like You Do” paints a picture of a married woman who’s in love with someone else, even though her husband hasn’t done anything to make her love him less. He just doesn’t “get” her like the other man. That’s a country song if we’ve ever heard one, and Dye delivers what we feel is the best vocal of her career.


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