Revelry Flex Their Hard-Rocking Muscles with New Single, “Part-Time Playboy” [Premiere]

As the resurgence of 70s and 80s rock sounds continues to gain traction, it’s important to shift focus on the newer acts keeping those influences alive in their music. For the last three years, that focus can be shifted to Revelry, a five-piece southern-rocking band drawing influence from legendary acts ranging from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Motley Crue.

With two releases already under their belts in 2022, the quintet are set to release their newest single, “Part-Time Playboy,” tomorrow, but we’re honored to premiere the track a day early!

The band’s newest single opens with a thumping bass and drum intro and is quickly accompanied with a raucous guitar riff that would make Gary Rossington proud. Raspy vocals give the track the “dirty” feel that made that 70s era of rock n’ roll so beloved, as the song sounds made for the stage from years to come. We chatted with the band all about the song and what’s next!

Listen to “Part-Time Playboy” here!

Pro Country: Who are some of the collective influences you draw on as a band?

Revelry: We all come from different musical backgrounds, but collectively as a band, we were all raised from our parents’ generation of music from the 70s southern rock & 80s hair metal. Our lead singer’s main inspiration is Greg Allman, on bass and guitar, we love Skynyrd or any of the 70s rock, and our drummer loves Tommy Lee and pulls a lot of influences from him and other heavy metal drummers.

PC: Why did you feel that your newest single, “Part-Time Playboy” was the right follow up to your last, “Edge of the Bed”?

Revelry: We were trying to display all sides of us within the rock genre. “Dirty” was more hard rocking. Then we decided to slow it down for “Edge of the Bed,” and then for “Part-Time Playboy,” we wanted to bring back the hard-rocking sound. We’re trying to balance it out; it’s our new favorite song for sure.

PC: Can you take us in the room and talk about how “Part-Time Playboy” came together?

Revelry: One day I was sitting on the couch just jamming on my acoustic and came up with this cool riff. I remember writing with Redd. We were driving to a show. We were talking about one of our friends. Just sayin’, “Yeah, he’s a part-time playboy.” The song is about all the working class guys that would come out on the weekend and party with the band. We just knew we wanted it to be a song we could dedicate to all our friends that come out to our shows every week. It’s a guaranteed hit with the crowd every single time we play it.

PC: You’re set to play The Ryman in November. How much are you looking forward to taking such a historic stage? What will that moment mean to you as a band? 

Revelry: The Ryman, it’s our biggest and most iconic show, so we are really looking forward to it. It still feels surreal at this point. We’re just doing everything we can to prep ourselves for the show. We’ve been around for three years, but this is our big debut, and it’s either show up or shut up. It’s a great chance to prove ourselves as a new southern rock band. 

PC: What are your plans for the rest of 2022 and going into 2023? 

Revelry: Well, after we blow the Ryman out of the water, we’re just going to be working on a lot of stuff in the studio and we’re going to keep playing shows. We’re just trying to do the damn thing!

Listen to “Part-Time Playboy” here!


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