Kopper and Kash Find Strength in Tragedy with “The Best I Can” Music Video [Premiere]

As hard times inevitably present themselves in life, coping and moving forward can, at times, feel impossible. It’s easy to say “put one foot in front of the other” until you actually have to put one foot in front of the other. Kopper and Cash, a family trio comprised of Jeff Pennycoff and daughters Mia and Ava, were thrust into that situation with the loss of their son and brother, Matthew, in a traffic accident.

As hard as it seemed, the family had to move forward, and did so with a mantra common to many in their shoes: doing “The Best I Can.”

Those words soon became more than a mantra for the trio: they became the title of their newest single, and now, their newest music video. Set for release tomorrow, we’re honored to bring it to you a day early!

“We are so excited to share our music video ‘The Best I Can’ with our fans,” the trio says. “This video will speak to everything we have all been through together over the past few years and any challenges that we face as individuals in our lives.  Some days are rough, but we are all doing ‘The Best WE Can.'”

Watch “The Best I Can” music video below!

*Visit Kopper and Kash’s website here*

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