Gloria Anderson Remembers Her South Carolina Roots on New Single, “Lighthouse”

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when the only memories that accompany a photo are faint, the value of that image becomes immeasurable.

Gloria Anderson wasn’t rooted in South Carolina for long. In fact, as a military brat, she wasn’t rooted anywhere for too long. However, with her first single release in over a year, “Lighthouse,” Anderson reminisces on her distant memories from the Palmetto State.

Though the song was recorded more than a year ago, Anderson says she put in extra work to perfect the song because of how significant it is to her.

“I wrote and recorded this song over a year ago,” says Anderson. “I decided to take my time finalizing it because it tells a story that is very important to me, and I didn’t want it to feel rushed. I am so excited that it is finally out in the world!”

Though she entered her co-writing session with Daniel Ethridge and Natascha Myers with only a title and sentiments she needed to express, the trio tapped into Anderson’s emotions and crafted what became “Lighthouse.”

“We wrote at Daniel’s place, and I remember we sat around the coffee table. I didn’t walk into the write that day with a ‘hook.’ I had a title and a lot of emotions that I wanted to get out on paper. It was post-Covid; I had recently moved back to Nashville, and I was longing for a sense of belonging,” says Anderson. “Before going into the write, I found that I had been searching for that feeling since I was very young. I am so grateful to have co-writers and friends who can step into my shoes and help me find the words to tell my story.”

And while the story they crafted never uses the word “lighthouse,” Anderson felt the symbolism it created made it the perfect title for the song.

“The word ‘lighthouse’ came to my mind because it embodies the feeling of finding home again. The lighthouse is a sense of direction and identity. There are times where I am looking for a light, and I think that it can come from the foundation of who I am,” says Anderson. “I was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and only lived there for a brief time because I’m a military brat. My memories, while faint, are sweet and familiar. However, over the years, these memories look different with a grown lens of the world. Since I was only able to call it home for a little while, and we’re all only kids for a little while, these memories now bring me back to the innocence, wonder and adventure of childhood.”

While she never planted roots for too long, Anderson says she is thankful for that upbringing.

“Now looking back, I am very grateful I was able to move with my family around the country,” says Anderson. “I’ve learned so much about myself, friendship, and the sense of home. How lucky am I to say I’m from a little bit of everywhere?”

Sonically, “Lighthouse” falls closer to a folk/Americana sound than her previous three singles, something Anderson says happened naturally in both the writing room and studio.

“I adore the folk/Americana roots in country music. When we wrote ‘Lighthouse,’ it developed naturally, and we allowed the song to come to us,” says Anderson. “When it was time to record it, I am so grateful that I had wonderful friends, who are also talented musicians, who brought the story to life. I love that I can hear their personalities in each of the instruments.”

As 2022 came to a close and 2023 was set into motion, Anderson’s songwriting and storytelling talents were noticed by Warner-Chappell as she earned their Songwriting Internship, coming off the heels of winning Belmont’s 2022 ASCAP Songwriters Showcase.

“Those distinctions have been great moments of encouragement. I am honored to go to a school that strives to give students the opportunity to be heard,” says Anderson. “Coming from a small town in Texas, it is humbling to be surrounded by individuals who share similar dreams goals and aspirations.”

As she prepares to graduate from Belmont in the spring, Anderson promises new music and performances are on the horizon.

“I can’t wait to release the rest of my project in March; there will be six songs total,” says Anderson. “I graduate from Belmont in May, so I am getting ready to hit the ground running with live shows. In addition, some of my dear friends are recording songs we’ve written together and they plan to release them this year, so keep a look out for those!”

*”Lighthouse” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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