Taylor Austin Dye Releases Viral Murder-Country Single “Rest in Peace”

The last few years have been jam-packed with milestones for Taylor Austin Dye. Millions of streams spread across eight single releases have combined with a staggering amount of engagement on TikTok to cement the Kentucky native as one of the brightest rising stars in the country genre.

Single number nine may just be the one to take her over the top.

After amassing over one million views on TikTok in one day, that single, “Rest in Peace,” released today, earned millions upon millions of views across several videos leading up to release day, flooring Dye and her co-writers.

“I started using TikTok in 2020 as a means to continue creating during the COVID lockdown, and it has been a roller coaster ever since. As an artist, you never know which songs are going to ‘blow up’ and which ones will tank. I posted a clip of myself lip syncing to a new song we had just written and asked if my followers liked ‘murder country,’” says Dye. “That night, we watched as that video amassed over one million views, and then we kept watching as is just kept climbing. My co-writers, Chris Utley and Nicole Croteau, and I were in disbelief, and we spent the next couple days sending screenshots to each other saying some variation of ‘what in the world is happening?’ After watching a second video of ‘RIP’ go even more viral than the first, we decided we HAD to get this song out as soon as possible, and that’s just what we did.”


We love a good game of clue…TAD in the truck with a cinder block 💀 #RIP #newcountry #country #countrymusic #DoritosTriangleTryout

♬ original sound – Taylor Austin Dye

Though the songwriting trio didn’t enter the room with a set idea in mind, after a guitar lick that set a murderous ambiance was laid down, the song that became “Rest in Peace” fell together quickly.

“I always look forward to being in the writing room with Nicole and Chris. There is something about our group’s chemistry that is a perfect fit. On that particular day, we made ourselves at home in a room at Sony and started to chat like normal. None of us had any particular leads or hooks we were set on, but Chris started playing a lick on the guitar that Nicole and I really liked. I remember at one point, Nicole said ‘oh, this makes me think of murder.’ I immediately replied, ‘so let’s write a murder song,’ and that’s how the whole thing started,” says Dye. “We wanted the first verse to sing as if someone were reading an obituary, and the rest of the song just fell out! We finished that day with a really cool demo that I was excited about. I sent it to a few of my friends, and they said this was ‘the one.’ It felt special from the start. The crazy thing about this track is that we did not re-record my vocals from that day in the writing room. What you hear on the track is just me singing from the demo on that very day in the studio.”

It wasn’t only Dye’s friends who thought her new single might be “the one,” though, as her social media pages were hit with exponential growth from fans wanting to hop on the “Ride or Dye” bandwagon.

“I am a sucker for statistics and analytics, and I have loved every second of watching my platforms take off quicker than ever before! People have discovered my older music that they may have never had the chance to hear if it wasn’t for ‘RIP’ going viral,” says Dye. “It’s honestly true when you hear people say ‘all it takes is one song,’ because that is absolutely the case. I have millions of new ears on my art, all because I posted a minute-long video from my car.”

With its release, “Rest in Peace” is sure to continue and further the momentum that Dye laid in 2022.

“I was fortunate to put out four songs this past year; each of them being a lesson and stepping stone to the music that I am putting out now,” says Dye. “I have had incredible support the last few years, and I am tickled to death to watch the ‘Ride or Dye’ community grow every day. I have more momentum than ever, and it’s all because of ‘RIP.’”

Along with that momentum, Dye brings a sense of artistic identity into 2023.

“I know that I am going to sound extremely cliché in saying this, but I’ve learned to be myself,” says Dye. “I spent so many years trying to hone in on my ‘brand’ and writing songs that aligned with that, when all along all I needed to do was be myself and everything else will just fall in line. Do things and create things you enjoy and are proud of. People recognize genuineness and authenticity, and that is all I strive for now and moving forward!”

Dye will look to showcase that authenticity with more new releases this year, which will culminate in her debut full-length album.

“I already have several new songs recorded and we are working diligently toward a full album release later this year,” says Dye. “Between now and then, y’all can definitely expect me to drop some more singles and post on my socials every day!”

As she stays busy with new content and music, Dye will also spend plenty of time on the road bringing her music to fans old and new.

“Performing live is my favorite thing in the world. There is nothing like traveling and connecting with people from all over through music. It is an indescribable feeling to sing your original songs to a crowd and hear them scream them right back to you,” says Dye. “We have met some of the most incredible people over the last few years by touring around, and we have no plans to stop any time soon. My tour schedule for the year is quickly filling up, and I am looking forward to visiting new states and meeting new Ride or Dyes along the way! I can’t wait for our 2023 shows!”

*”Rest in Peace” is featured on The Best of Pro Country playlist!*


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