Kristen Foreman Releases Powerful, Stripped Down New Single + Video, “Falcon 63”

Just over two months after the release and success of her single “Blackout,” Kristen Foreman is back with a brand new acoustic single, “Falcon 63.”

“Falcon 63,” released on January 25, is a change-up for Foreman, as it is her first acoustic song she has released in her career.

“I wanted to change it up and do something different,” says Foreman. “So far, I have only released fully-produced music. I don’t think this song in particular was meant to have a lot of ‘bells and whistles.’ It’s more centered on the lyrics. The simplicity of the recording makes it more intimate and raw.”

“Falcon 63” Artwork

Foreman also drew inspiration from her love for Americana music while arranging the song.

“A couple years ago, I discovered Americana, and it was like I won the jackpot,” says Foreman. “I didn’t realize that there was this whole ‘underground scene’ that existed, but I fell in love with the songwriting and style.”

Foreman, who lists Lori McKenna, Jason Isbell and Brent Cobb as some of her favorite artists in the genre, showcases her growth as a musician with the song’s release.

“I have definitely become much better at guitar since being influenced by these artists and picked up on finger picking,” says Foreman. “This is the first time that I have played guitar on one of my recorded songs.”

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An accompanying video, which adds an even deeper level of intimacy with the lyrics, was released on January 22. The simple, but effective nature of the video allows the heartbreak to cut through like a knife as Foreman delivers the final chapter of the song’s story.

“I think it captures the emotion of the song well because it makes the viewer feel like they are sitting right there listening to me play the song in person,” says Foreman. “We didn’t use any fancy microphones or lights, and we chose a dirty warehouse as the location to mimic the same acoustic nature of how I recorded the song in the studio.”

Foreman has taken to social media to connect with her fans and hear their stories about their old cars in anticipation of the single’s release.

“That has been really neat for me. I didn’t realize that so many of my listeners were into cars until they started sharing their pictures with me,” says Foreman. “It makes this next single more special because they are actually a part of the release. Using their stories as promotion is so much more personal this way, instead of me just putting a ton of pictures of my face going ‘single drops in ___ days!’ It’s refreshing. It’s also very exciting because now they are involved this way and more likely to associate the ‘Falcon 63’ in my song with their own car and memory, which will make the song relatable.”


Listeners who want to get the intimate details about the inspiration behind the song will soon have the opportunity to get the story directly from Foreman.

“I don’t want to say too much too soon but I will tell you that I am releasing a blog in a few days that really exposes the inspiration and experience that I drew off of when writing this song,” says Foreman. “So, stay tuned for that!” (read the blog here)


*Read my first interview with Kristen here*

*Read my write up of “Blackout” here*

*All images courtesy of Kristen Foreman*


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