Single Review: Ashton Dupré- Alone in a Bar

There’s just something about Ashton Dupré and drinking songs that go together so well.

Dupré made his introduction into country music in 2016 with his stellar single “When She Drinks My Whiskey,” which went on to earn nearly 20,000 Spotify streams and 25,000 view on YouTube.

Now, almost a full year since the release of his last single “Don’t Wait Up,” Durpé is back with “Alone in a Bar.”


Featuring a faster tempo than his three previous singles, “Alone in a Bar” is a step closer to modernity for the Louisiana native, but continues to showcase Dupré’s  love of 90s country music that he spoke about in our previous interview.

Clever wordplay in the chorus keeps the song fun, and steel in the background keeps it country as Dupré weaves through the song’s story, matching the energy of the strong drums and powerful electric guitars with an excellent vocal performance.

With “Alone in a Bar,” Ashton Dupré may have found his niche. If he can hover right on the line of modernity and traditionalism, his appeal will span both sides of the country music line, making him a unifying force between the two sides.

Here’s to hoping more new music from Ashton is on the way soon!


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