Single Review: Casey Peveto Band- Broken Heart’s Advice

When executed properly, there is nothing better than a good country heartbreak song, and the Casey Peveto Band knocked one out of the park with their newest single, “Broken Heart’s Advice.”

Seven months after setting the bar with their excellent debut single, “Maybe,” Casey and company raised the bar with “Broken Heart’s Advice.” Full of fiddle, heartbreak, and an excellent vocal delivery, “Broken Heart’s Advice” shows the band operating on all cylinders.

The song features a familiar storyline, but is delivered in a way that makes it fresh, adding another element to the “cry in your beer” theme that has been lost in country music in recent years.


Also deserving a great deal of credit is Brittany Houston, who sings harmonies with Peveto and has a few solo moments that really draw the listener in and adds another level of emotion to the song. Very well done!

The Casey Peveto Band is one of the really exciting new acts out there right now. If you’re not on board yet, be sure to check them out. If you’re a fan of well-written, red dirt, great traditional country music, the Casey Peveto Band is right up your alley!

*Read my interview with Casey Peveto here*


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