Single Review: Cody Forrest- The Way She Loves Me

The wait is over for Cody Forrest fans, as the Louisiana native is back with a brand new single, “The Way She Loves Me.”

More than a year and a half after releasing his debut single “Tennessee,” Forrest proves that not only did he not miss a step in that year and a half, he took a a few leaps forward as well, as “The Way She Loves Me” shows growth for Forrest both vocally and as a writer, as it is the first self-penned song that he has released.

In the same vein as Cody Johnson’s “On My Way to You,” listeners can feel that Forrest means every word he is singing, and though the song is personal to Forrest, it will easily translate to anyone and their significant other.


The song is cleverly written, full of great imagery and interesting analogies, Forrest’s vocal just puts it over the top, taking it to another dimension. The instrumentation takes things one step further, as the guitars throughout the song bring the emotion of Forrest’s delivery even more to the forefront.

“The Way She Loves Me” was definitely worth the wait. The leap from “Tennessee,” a great song in itself,” to his newest effort proves that Forrest could be here for the long haul. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what happens next!


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