Alisa Star Hopes Fans Take Resilience and Empowerment Away From Her Music

It is often said that music is healing, and can stop listeners on a time and make them feel something with just a few notes or words.

For Alisa Star, a common theme of empowerment flows through her music. More than anything, Star hopes listeners continue soldiering on through any falls or hardships they may face, and hopes that her music can be a driving force behind that resiliency,

As she is working on her next album, hear from Star about her musical influences, the stories behind some of the standouts on album, “When Love Collies,” where she has sensed the most growth as an artist, and more!


Pro Country: Who were your biggest musical influences growing up?

Alisa Star: My Grandma introduced me to country music when I was a child. She loved good ol’ country artists; Waylon, Willie, Loretta, Patsy, Dolly, etc. She was so inspiring to me.  She didn’t start taking guitar lessons until she was 70 years old. She even recorded her own album, and could yodel. She would bring her guitar to every family gathering and play for us. My mom also has a music background and is a very good singer. 


PC: Was there a specific moment you knew you wanted to make music for a living?

AS: I have always had the burning desire in my heart for music; whether that be singing, writing, or listening to others perform. I knew I had a love for writing as a kid, since I was very big into poetry and writing my own poems. I spent 4 years in a cover band, and I knew after those years as the lead singer in the band that I wanted to do more with my originals. That is when I made the decision to go on my own, and continuing writing and recording as Alisa Star.


PC: Were you feeling any type of pressure, internally or externally, as you were preparing to release music for the first time with your “Road to Nashville” EP?

AS: No, I have never felt pressure in relation to my originals. The great thing about being an independent artist is that what you write, and the road you take to get there is up to you. I was more anxious with making the decision on what producer to use in Nashville, and how others would like my style of music. I have come so far, and learned so very much from my first recording trip to Nashville. Thankfully I have the most loving and supportive family!


PC: “When Love Collides” is one of the standout tracks on its album. Why did you decide to name the album after this song?

AS: I had the pleasure of co-writing this tune with my friend, Brent Rader. Brent is an amazing musician with quite the resume. He has played for many well-known musicians such as Jo Dee Messina, Collin Raye, Billy Dean, and most recently, Joe Nichols. I put the lyrics to this song while I was sitting in church one Sunday. The Pastor talked about love being a choice, and how we chose to love. I brought this song to Brent, and he and I were able to agree on the perfect melody for it. Brent also produced this tune, and played on it as well. The production quality and writing behind this tune mean a lot to me. 

PC: “Don’t Forget Him” is a really powerful track from “When Love Collides.” Can you talk about the inspiration behind that song?

AS: This song will probably always be one of my favorites written.  My Dad served in Vietnam, and my Grandpa served in WWII.  I had the idea for this song, and sat down with my Dad one night for an emotional writing session.  I have such a strong love and appreciation for those who have served our country, and I think it is so crucial that they never be forgotten. 

PC: “Enjoy the Ride” is another really great, powerful track from your album. Can you talk a little about that song and what it means to you?

AS: Another favorite! “Enjoy the Ride” was actually written for my Grandma after she passed away.  The same Grandma who introduced me to country music. This song speaks volumes on what she taught me; Work Hard, Hold your head high, Life is so short, Enjoy the Ride. I have a music video to this song that was actually shot on her family farm. The music video airs on Zuus Country, ICTV, and YouTube. 

PC: What do you hope people take away after listening to the “When Love Collides” album all the way through?

AS: My goal with my music has always been to reach others, and speak to others through my writing. Music can truly heal, and I hope that my writing is able to do that. I want others to feel empowered to chase their dreams, and not be afraid to stand up every time you fall.


PC: Where do you sense that you’ve grown the most since the release of your “Road to Nashville” EP release in 2014?

AS: I have grown in leaps and bounds since my first EP. Not only as a writer and creative thinker, but also in knowing more about the Nashville music scene. Where to go, who to trust, and what to focus on.  Brent is my 3rd producer since I went solo and recorded “Road to Nashville.” He produced 4 of my originals on my first album. I am so confident in his work/production and in our co-writing that I am beyond excited for my next album.  I wish I would have known him for my first 4 recorded. I will also always stick true to myself, and the way that I want to write.


PC: What information can you give on your sophomore album that you’re working on?

AS: I am so excited about this next coming album.  I have a lot of songs in the works, and just need to get back to Nashville to finish them and get them recorded.


PC: You recently partnered with Music for a Cause. What is it about their mission that drew you to them?

AS: Music for a Cause is a wonderful organization!!! They are a non-profit organization, whose mission is to make the world a better place, by raising funds for those who need it most. My heart was drawn to this company, and knowing that my music and writing can help be a part of this lights my soul on fire! They raise awareness and funds for children with bleeding disorders through music inspired events. They just kicked off their annual song writing competition. Chance to win $5,000. Those interested can check out their website at


PC: What are your plans for 2019?

AS: Finish writing songs for my next album, finish my next children’s book, spend as much time with my amazing family as possible, and live each day to its fullest! 


PC: Additional comments:

AS: I have also written a children’s book called “Birdie Takes the Stage,” available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon. This book is dedicated to our daughter, Charlotte, who will be 3 in May.  The next children’s book in this series, will be dedicated to our son, Breck who is 15 months old.

Instagram: alisastarmusic

Facebook: Alisa Star

iTunes: When Love Collides album


*All images courtesy of Alisa Star Facebook Page*



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