Kayley Hill Releases Tribute to Fallen Officer During National Police Week

NASHVILLE (MAY 15, 2019) — Standing in the middle of a bar in downtown Nashville, Kayley Hill teared up as she listened to the story of a woman who, instead of being on vacation with her husband, gave her life in sacrifice of others as a police officer.

When Sara Burns’ husband, Steven, walked into that bar, he wasn’t planning to stay three hours, but Hill’s voice captivated him to the point where he asked her to come to his wife’s memorial service and sing.

At Sara’s funeral, Steven spoke of her desire to become a police officer. She decided to pursue her criminology degree when she was 35 years old in addition to being a mother and working 20 hours each week on the auxiliary force.

After he finished that story, Kayley looked at him and said that instead of just singing, she was going to write a song in her honor. That song, “Story of a Hero” has now been recorded and released to digital platforms. Released during National Police Week, the song honors all first responders who have fallen in the line of duty, something about which Hill has become quite passionate.

“That story changed me,” she said. “It hit me in a place I didn’t know existed, and writing this song was such a blessing and an honor.”

Recently named a Featured Artist by Warm Audio, Kayley recorded the audio and video at Stone Creek Sound in San Antonio, Texas. The song’s producer is Mack Damon.
Hill is also a Collings Guitar artist, which is the featured guitar in the video, produced by Robby Stevens of Midtown Motion.

“I can’t thank Warm Audio enough for believing in me and this song enough to help us with this production,” Hill said. “They went above and beyond to make this happen, and we are so proud to have worked with them.”
Proceeds from downloads of the song will be donated to the charities in Sara Burns’ name. To date, Steven Burns has raised more than $800,000 for those causes that were closest to Sara’s heart.

For download links and more, CLICK HERE for its LinkTree.


Grit and growl are terms Kayley Hill uses to describe her unique voice, and that sound translates to her attitude. Hailing from the birthplace of country music, Bristol, Tennessee, Kayley certainly has the roots of the music running through her blood. After appearing on NBC’s The Voice, Kayley has been searching to find the sound she wants to call her own. The playful timbre of Dolly Parton, the vocal power of Martina McBride; throw in Miranda Lambert’s sass, and the unique Kayley Hill sound is easy to recognize. Kayley takes the best parts of every genre of music from jazz standards to bluegrass and rolls it all into one undeniably powerful performance.


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