Wynn Williams to Introduce Bigger, Fuller Sound on New Album

If you’ve been following Wynn Williams for a while now, you’ll remember that he said he was ready to step it up when it came to his forthcoming album, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the results of that step.

He provided a the glimpse with the album’s lead single, “Man What a Woman,” and the growth was immediately evident. Where his debut EP “Words Fly” featured an acoustic sound, the new single was jam packed with a rocking energy that drives through the track.

Williams doubled down on that energy with “Yeah Buddy,” his current single, and the second song from the album to be released.

Read below to hear from Williams about finding his energized sound, improving his songwriting, and get a timeline for the expected release of his new album!


Pro Country: “Words Fly” featured a few heartbreak songs, but your two newest singles deal with finding and having love. Was that an intentional transition?

Wynn Williams: When I was writing “Words Fly,” I was going through a bit of a heartbreak. That’s where “Without You and Me” and “The Letter” came from. With the new album, there’s been a bit of a turn. Things got happier, so the music got happier as well. You just write down the emotions that you’re feeling. I’m really pleased with how “Man What a Woman” and “Yeah Buddy” came out!


PC: In our last interview, you mentioned that you are always open to learning things that will help you become a better version of yourself. With the release of “Words Fly” and your new singles, what have you learned about yourself that allowed you to take the next step on your new album?

WW: In a very non-cocky way, I’ve learned that I can actually write decent songs. I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by great people. Roger Brown, who’s a great friend of mine, produced the album, and was also a co-writer on “Man What a Woman” and “Yeah Buddy.” He kind of took me under his wing, and he set up a few writes with some guys that are on the album as well. He put me in a good place, and those guys taught me some great things, and I feel like with this new album and the singles that have gone out off of the album, I feel like my writing ability has stepped up a notch. I’m really looking forward to continuing to get better at writing songs.


PC: Why did you decide to release “Man What a Woman” as the lead single from the album?

WW: I didn’t have a radio promoter for “Man What a Woman,” so to me, it felt like the most radio-friendly song. I could send it out by myself, and not have to have a promoter behind it or pay for a promoter. It just allowed me to send it out and get my name established within the radio world. It’s kind of a deal where you hear somebody’s name, but you have to hear their name numerous times before you really grab onto them. I wanted to do that with my music. I sent out “Man What a Woman” to all the reporting stations in Texas and some other smaller regions, and just tried to do it on my own. “Man What a Woman” felt like it was the best candidate for that particular promotion style.

PC: In our last interview, you mentioned that you were feeling an internal pressure to achieve a certain level of success after the success of “Words Fly.” Did the success of “Man What a Woman” ease any of that pressure at all?

WW: That’s a tough question, because I feel like you have that pressure on yourself at all times. I feel like it never goes away, because you when you reach a certain milestone or a certain goal, you move on to the next one. “Man What a Woman” did great, but I sure would have loved to see it do better as far as streams on Spotify and radio spins, but I think it was a great precursor to “Yeah Buddy,” and we’re going to continue promoting them all the way up until the record is released. We’re also writing for the next record already. I was in Nashville last weekend, and we wrote five songs. You always have to keep working. I think that pressure is always in the back of my mind.


PC: “Yeah Buddy” is the first single you’ve released with a radio promoter. Why did you decide it was time to work with a promoter, and what lead to releasing “Yeah Buddy” as the next single?

WW: Down here in Texas and in the red dirt scene, it’s important to have radio. We’re starting to see a little bit of a disconnect between listeners and radio. Everyone has music at their fingertips; they can find and listen to it anywhere. We’re starting to see more people do it on their phones. They’re doing that more than just listening to the radio, but that’s not to say that radio isn’t still a big market to push to, because obviously, people still do listen to radio. If radio wasn’t important, then all of the big artists wouldn’t be doing radio promotion. It’s one of those steps that you have to take towards establishing yourself and getting your name out there. “Yeah Buddy” is just a fun, rocking song, and we wanted to put that one out there and get people excited about not just “Man What a Woman” and “Yeah Buddy,” but the next few things that are coming off the new album as well.

PC: While “Words Fly” featured a more acoustic sound, your newest singles have showcased a fuller, bigger, more energetic sound. Was that something that was intentional as you were recording the album?

WW: Absolutely. We recorded the “Words Fly” EP in Aubrey, Texas. That was my first album, and I’m really pleased with it, but I knew going forward, I needed to step up my game and get that sound that I really wanted; a sound that was a lot bigger and fuller, similar to the 90s country sound that we grew up listening to. I knew that in order to do that, I was going to have to go up to Nashville. They call it Music City for a reason. They have a ton of incredible musicians that you can pick from, and then of course all the studios up there as well. It was just one of those things that happens with your growth; you always striving for the best thing you can do for your career. We cut it up at the Moose Lodge in Goodlettsville Tennessee with some crazy musicians. We had Chad Cromwell on drums, Kevin Grant on bass, James Mitchell on electric guitar, Jim “Moose” Brown on electric and acoustic guitar B3 organ and rhodes, Glen Duncan on fiddle, mandolin and banjo, and Dan Dugmore on steel. I’m really pleased with how it turned out!

Wynn with the musicians from his upcoming album

PC: With two singles released from the new album, when can fans expect to hear more about a release date for another single or the whole album?

WW: I’m thinking that we’re going to put the album out for pre-order, possibly in July, and then with the pre-order, people will get “Man What a Woman,” “Yeah Buddy,” and maybe one or two more tracks, and then maybe we’ll put out the full album in the fall. That’s the plan right now. We just signed with new management last week, so things can change (laughs). You have to be flexible in today’s market.


PC: With artists like Cody Johnson and Aaron Watson having success in the mainstream, what is it like to be a part of the red dirt scene in Texas right now that more eyes may be shifted towards it?

WW: It’s great! Cody and Aaron have done a fantastic job of paving the way for artists like myself. Cody came from the independent scene for like 10 years before he signed with a label, and Aaron Watson has never signed with a label. What they’ve done is really build businesses, and provided a blueprint for what we can do as independent artists to follow in their footsteps.

We just signed with Lytle Management out of Nashville, who have worked with artists like Gary Allan, Joe Nichols, Chris Young, Scotty McCreery, and Gene Watson, so we’re really excited to see what we can do together in the future!

Wynn with John Lyle (left) and Roger Brown (right)

PC: Is there anything else you would like to add?

WW: I’m really excited about this album, and I’m equally excited about the next album, because like I said, we’re already starting to write for it. We have a better idea of what to expect.


*All images courtesy of Wynn Williams Facebook page*


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