Megan Ashley is Ready to Soar After Debut EP

In the year since releasing her debut single “Texas That I’ve Always Known,” Texas native Megan Ashley has been steadily growing her fanbase, and has made a solid name for herself in Texas.

Now, just days after releasing her debut, self-titled EP, Megan is making a big live move; she will be moving to Nashville, trying to establish herself among some of country music’s rising stars.

As she prepares for her move, catch up with Megan since her last Pro Country interview, and hear all about her new EP, working with Bri Bagwell, more information on her move, and more!


Pro Country: You had great success with “Texas That I’ve Always Known.” Did that give you a certain level of validation as you were preparing to record and release your self-titled EP?

Megan Ashley: Yes, I believe any time an artist releases their first single, there is some validation as a professional artist. And definitely, releasing my first single helped me to prepare for releasing my first record and all the work and how-to it entails. 


PC: “Without You” gets the EP on a rocking note. Why did you decide to open the EP with that song?

MA: When I was deciding on the order of the EP, I felt that it was best there, but also to start the album with some high energy.

PC: Why did you decide to release “River Time” as the lead single from the EP?

MA: Summer time! I thought it would be a great first single for radio this summer!

PC: “Missing Gold” is one of the standout tracks on your EP. Can you talk about the inspiration behind that song? What did it mean to you to have Bri Bagwell join you on that song?

MA: Honestly, the inspiration was a guy I had dated who told me we couldn’t date anymore because he was moving for his job. It broke my heart, and I don’t understand why people let a good thing go, especially when it’s working, but I wasn’t going to let it affect my self-worth, as it very well could have and did for a bit. When I sat down to think of ideas for a song reflecting on this situation, I thought about how if someone isn’t looking for gold, they’re not going to realize that they have a good thing. And it made me realize that there are so many blessings in life that we have that we don’t really realize we have. 

I wrote this one with Bri actually, and had to have her sing it with me on the record! We both have the same birthday and drive the same truck (laughs), and she’s always been someone I look up to as a songwriter and as a person, so it definitely was special. ❤

PC: Four of the six songs on the EP deal with love lost or the down side of love. Was that intentional, or did those feelings come out naturally as you were writing the songs?

MA: Definitely just natural and what 2014-2018 held for me. Praying that the next album will not be about so much loss 🙄 In Jesus’ name.


PC: There is a consistent 90s-country vibe throughout the EP. What is it about that era of country music that appeals to you and allows you to be at your best recording in that way?

MA: I grew up pretty much solely on 90’s country, and I personally love it the most. It’s just classic, and I hope my music stays that way. I do love all different sounds of country, but I had an idea of how I wanted each song to sound on this album. 🙂

PC: What do you hope listeners take away from your EP after listening all the way through?

MA: Like country music has done for me; I hope people take away something positive, whether it be wisdom, the words you never heard and need to hear, or just positive vibes.


PC: You’re going to be moving to Nashville in the coming months. What made you realize it was time to move to Music City after the success you’ve had in Texas?

MA: I’ll still be a Texas resident or frequent often. Moving to Nashville will just be for a season right now, but I just have had a desire to grow in a different city for a while now. A lot of things aligned, and I felt God pushing me to make this move. Also, I have a couple of good friends who I adore there, some networking opportunities, and just want to break some ground in the Nashville industry.


PC: What emotions are you feeling as you are preparing for your move to Nashville?

MA: I am so excited! I am excited for this new chapter, and to grow as a person and a singer-songwriter. Oh, and the Southern food and live music every night.


PC: What are your plans for the rest of 2019 and beyond?

MA: Radio tour this month with “River Time,” prepping, and living in Music City, God willing!  And of course writing more songs, and just making the most of 2019! 🎉


*All images courtesy of Megan Ashley*


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  1. I ‘d like the lyrics to Texas That I’ve Always known. Is there a site online with your lyrics? Thanks in advance


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