Sarah Martin Earns First Number One Single with “Heartbreak Song”

Sarah Martin has had a lot happen over the past year. The Massachusetts native released her newest album, “Muddy Boots” in November of 2018, filmed and released five music videos, was recently involved in a competition to open for country music legend Alan Jackson on his 2019 tour.

Martin can now add another notch to her belt this year, as her single, “Heartbreak Song” is currently the number one song on She Wolf Radio.

The song, which was released in early February, gave Martin a chance to fill a void that she sees in country music, as she detailed to Pro Country in an interview in March.

“I wrote that a while ago- there are so many love songs out there and not a ton of good break up songs to stick it to the people who broke your heart. Even though I felt happy where I was in my life, I realized that not everybody’s there, not everybody’s found someone,” says Martin. “I just really felt that there needed to be a good, upbeat song for those that might not be in the best situation with love at the moment, to get a chance to scream ‘screw you’ and ‘kiss my ass’ to the people that hurt them, even if that someone is me. That’s kind of the point of the song; we’ve all been hurt by someone and we’re also all guilty of hurting someone, it’s just a part of life’s journey of finding the right one.”

Martin, who did not include the song on “Muddy Boots,” says she was trying to keep the album clean for her younger fan base.

“I released the song as a single because my mom is a public school teacher, and since I’ve sang at the school a few times, I do have younger kids that follow me, I didn’t want a swear being on my album to prevent kids from being able to listen,” says Martin.

With her first number one single under her belt, Martin is appreciative of those who have helped her along the way.

“I am truly honored to have my first number 1 song, and I am happy that people are able to relate to it,” says Martin. “I want to thank my producer Justine Blazer for helping to get the sound I wanted on my new “Muddy Boots” album and this new single. I also want to thank She Wolf Radio for everything they do to promote females and independent artists in the country music genre!”

Martin has plans to release a Christmas album and possibly a few more singles for the rest of 2019.


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*Images courtesy of Sarah Martin Facebook Page*


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