Alec Davis Gives Representation of Live Performances with New Single “It All Comes Back Around”

Energetic, loud, and driving are the three words that jump to mind in the midst of the nearly four minutes that Alec Davis’s new single “It All Comes Back Around” is blaring through my speakers.

Not only is Davis striving to deliver those adjectives in his recorded music, he brings it with him on stage as well. With a sound that lands between country and southern rock, Davis brings that energy with him on his newest single, which is set for release on August 2nd.

Davis, who draws influence from artists ranging from Dwight Yoakam to Deep Purple to Eric Church and beyond, catapulted on to people’s radars with his 2017 single “Outlaw,” which has amassed nearly 70,000 views since its release.

“I feel so grateful for the success “Outlaw” had, and for the feedback I received. It really touched the hearts of a lot of people,” says Davis. “Not every song I play makes you cry, dance or sing, but they all make you feel a certain emotion that you can hopefully identify with. “Outlaw” was really a late bloomer. I had initial success with it after friends and family had spread the word, and a year later, NashFM picked it up and placed it into their highest rotation. At that time, my Spotify numbers began to climb and allowed me to be placed on some bigger Spotify playlists.”

Just over a year since his most recent EP American Music was released, Davis is looking to build off of the momentum that EP and “Outlaw” gave him with “It All Comes Back Around,” which he says was inspired by his personal beliefs and his energetic live shows.

“’It All Comes Back Around’ started with the idea of representing my live show with a recorded track. My band and I have shows that draw nearer to southern rock, so for the people that were not able to see us live, they can now have a taste,” says Davis. “The lyrical content is based around a few good things I believe in: Les Pauls plugged into cranked Marshall stacks, dancing to some good country music with a pretty woman, and a good pair of leather, square-toed boots. ‘It’s the simple things that will remain and never change’ is a line in the chorus, meaning if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

American Music is not just the name of his EP, Davis has categorized his music that way as well.

“To me, ‘American music’ is a little bit of country, rock and blues,” says Davis. “If you were to see a live show, you would hear a mixture of each of those genres in the music.”

Along with the release of “It All Comes Back Around,” Davis plans to get back in the studio to release a few more songs this year, telling Pro Country exclusively that one will most likely be called “Pink Cadillac.”

“I plan to record two more tracks in 2019,” says Davis. “I’ve got a handful of songs in the hopper, I will pick my two favorites and record them.”



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