Matt Dylan is Back in a Big Way with Upcoming EP “Keep On Keeping On”

The wait is over for Matt Dylan fans; seven years after releasing his last EP Southern Pride, Matt is back with a new EP, Keep On Keeping On, set for release on August 9th.

We got to catch back up with Matt and talk about each song on the EP. Check it out below and be sure to pre-order Keep On Keeping On for just $5.99 until August 9!


Pro Country: Matt, your new EP Keep On Keeping On is due out August 9th. The first single “Strong” has been well-received. Can you tell us about the rest of the songs on the project track-by-track? Let’s start with “I Got A Lot On My Mind.”

Matt Dylan: This is fun song with a HonkyTonk beat. The project wouldn’t be country if it didn’t have a drinking song on it. “I Got A Lot On My Mind” felt good when I wrote it. The guy in the song blames the girl that left him for his rough night on the town [laughs]. The weight of the alcohol seems to be taxing his brain, despite knowing better, he delves in to great excess.


PC: Sounds country to us! Let’s do “If You Knew” next.

MD: This is a special song. It’s the only cut that has a co-writer. I wrote this with Mark Jones about 20 years ago. Mark has had some great cuts with Ray Scott, Hank Jr, Toby Keith and others. Mark and I literally watched this story unfold. Guy and a girl arguing;  he wasn’t a good guy. She was a great girl, and my friend said the magic words “if she only knew”. The writer’s block was over, and we knew we had a great song. I hesitated to release it until now. I felt the song was a bit sensual and had to wait for the right time.


PC: Great! How about “You Look Good in that Smile”? Can you talk about the inspiration behind that song?

MD: I wrote this one around July of 2018 for my wife. When you love someone and it’s real, you see them in the most amazing light. We’ve been together 12 years, and she is still as amazing as ever.


PC: The next song, “What You Need” seems like a song anyone in a relationship could relate to.

MD: I agree Justin, and that is exactly why I included it. We often lose track of our significant others just doing life. We forget we have to live and take time to rekindle the romance and the bonds that brought us together. It’s not easy, it’s a constant battle. Everyone’s busy and has their heads down trying to get through the day. Sometimes we just have to let go and dance by the fireplace or take a night out on the town.


PC: Lastly “I’m Trying” is a song that sounds very personal. Can you elaborate on that song?

MD: [Laughs] Yes sir. The music industry is hard, and takes a lot of paying dues and patience. This song is my story; my statement. No matter what the odds, I’m working, digging, pushing, and trying… The name of the EP comes from one of the lines: “I’ll keep on keeping on no matter what the odds are.” It’s a labor of love, but it’s not for the faint of heart [laughs].


PC: Excellent Matt! Is there anything you’d like to add?

MD: Justin, I really appreciate your time and help. You have been great. Real quick, I’d like to thank God, my family, my bandmates and their families, Donnie and Sandy, The HonkyTonk Outlaw Family, and everyone who has supported us by coming to shows or following me on social media. I’m blessed, and I just want to make everyone proud. Go to the website, all the social media links are there. If you enjoy the new project please tell a friend.

*You can pre-order “Keep On Keeping On” for just $5.99 until August 9 through this link!*


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