David Adam Byrnes Proudly Sticks to his Traditional Country Guns on Upcoming Album “Neon Town”

David Adam Byrnes has been on quite the roller coaster ride in the past year. As the ride is coming to an end, Byrnes is ready to release his newest album, Neon Town, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to get the album released as soon as possible.

The campaign, which is set for “all or nothing,” runs through October 15, and is allowing Byrnes the opportunity to tangibly see the support he has from his fans.

“For the first time in my career (or at least since I was 19) there’s no label, no funding, and no help whatsoever. I want to deliver the best record I can to my fans, but I also think it’s a chance for us all to do this together,” says Byrnes. “The response we’ve already seen just validates even more how passionate my fans are for my music and country music as a whole.”

Feeling that support, Byrnes has his sights set on releasing his potentially career-defining album after the long road to its release.

“It’s truly light at the end of the tunnel,” says Byrnes. “This record is THE RECORD I’ve waited my entire life to record, and it was very frustrating to think that it may never be heard. I’m just excited to let everyone hear the truest musical version of myself that I’ve ever been able to record.”


Byrnes gave listeners their first taste of the album with “Beer Bucket List” in October of 2018. The song became his first number one single in Texas, validating his decision to plant his roots in the Lone Star State.

“There were so many emotions from pure happiness, relief, validation, and so on,” says Byrnes. “This new record as a whole was the first time that I was able to make country music the way I wanted to. Ironically, I was in Arkansas playing a show when I got the news that it went number one, and I honestly broke down into tears. I’ve battled and struggled for so many years, and for the very first single to go to number one, it just let me know that I’m where I’m supposed to be here in Texas, and now I understand why things didn’t work out for me before. I just needed to be where my music was truly 100% accepted.”

That acceptance has been shown even further, as Byrnes was recently nominated for “Emerging Artist of the Year” at the Texas Country Music Awards, something he does not take for granted.

“There are so many artists and new artists in this scene. For me to be here in such a short time and only have one single out to date, it’s just a very great feeling,” says Byrnes. “Words can’t express how thankful I am for the support I’ve been so fortunate to receive here.”

Byrnes is looking to build off of the success of “Beer Bucket List” with Neon Town’s second single, “I Can Give You One,” slated for release on September 27. Byrnes says the new single will be a bit of a topical change up than his previous releases.

“I honestly wanted to come out of the gate with this single instead of “Beer Bucket List.” It’s a song I wrote probably eight years ago, and I’ve always hoped I’d get the chance to record it,” says Byrnes. “It’s just the perfect song for filling up the dance floor from the guitar and steel guitar riffs, the bass grove, and I’ve just always thought it was a hit melody. Even more, I know I’ve always had a reputation of drinking or sad songs. It’s truly that first love song I’ve had a chance to push and show a different side of my personality.”


While Byrnes doubles-down his traditional roots with his new single, he promises that the full-album will continue that trend.

Neon Town” is just a very traditional, honkytonk country record. It’s full of fiddle, steel guitar, songs with a meaning, and absolutely no gimmicks or drum loops,” says Byrnes. “It’s just a record straight from my heart this time. I feel it’s the best blend of song content and overall vibes I’ve been able to be a part of yet.”

Byrnes credits producer Trent Willmon for bringing out the best of himself and his sound on the new album.

“Trent truly became the big brother I never had,” says Byrnes. “He’s such a great song guy for starters, and he truly made sure that every song we picked was a perfect representation of myself musically and personally. I’ve loved every producer I’ve gotten to work with, but Trent and I just think 100% alike when it comes to our approach to country music. For the first time I had someone pushing to get the best out of me instead of pushing me to cave in on my musical values.”

As Byrnes continues to tour heavily for the rest of 2019 and prepares to promote “I Can Give You One,” he sees the opportunity to build something special with his fans through Neon Town’s Kickstarter campaign.

“To really touch in this Kickstarter, there are just so many costs that come into play to get this record out,” says Byrnes. “Even if you donate the bare minimum of $10 to receive a download, it helps us get this music to you, and helps us get everything back on track. Like I said in the video for the campaign, it’s 100% my team and the fans doing this alone. Let’s build something special together!”

Find the Kickstarter for Neon Town here.


*Images courtesy of David Adam Byrnes and David Adam Byrnes Facebook Page*


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